Laneway Cafe – Devonport

The next few posts will focus on the culinary experiences on the little trip we took to Tasmania recently with good friends Rambunctuous R and Talkative Techie T – we headed over for a few days and took in the sights from Devonport to Launceston and through to Bicheno.

The Spirit of Tasmania was due to arrive in Devonport at 6:00am!!  6:00am!!  Goodness me… surely our first stop would be breakfast. I checked out the ever trusty Urbanspoon to see what my options were. I have to confess – I didn’t have the fondest memories of my last breakfast in Devonport a few years ago.  Searching… searching…


The foodie cataglog presented me with Laneway Café – it sounds too Melbourne to be true!  It had 100% likes on Urbanspoon (8 votes – but let’s not quibble).  There was only one downside – it opened at 7:30am.  As it happened – it took 30-40 minutes to actually get off the ship and go through quarantine.  So, with that and a little walk around the block, we could see that they opened their doors, so we eagerly popped in and grabbed a table for breakfast.


First up – coffee.  The coffee is good. They use a brand I’ve never heard of: Bristot. It was good – and very welcome after a Bass Strait crossing.

Ricotta pancakes

Next up, breakfast.  There were ricotta pancakes on the menu – so my choice was made.  Rambunctuous R was up for them as well.  The interesting thing about the ricotta pancakes was that the ricotta was not actually in the pancakes (that we could tell anyway) – but rather on top.  This meant that the pancakes were a bit more middle of the road than they could have been. However, full points for the triple topping of lemon curd, ricotta, and blueberry compote. It was a great combo that saved the dish.

Poached eggs and bacon

Andrew ordered his regular poached eggs and bacon on toast – alas the eggs were overcooked.  So, while it was a functional breakfast, he wasn’t raving about it.

Window view

Oranges in the window

One thing I can rave about, however, is the setting and the ambience. This is a great little café in Devonport – it has a really funky vibe, and the morning we were there – it was the pit stop for a bunch of cyclists (who tend to go for the best coffee in town – so they were a good reference point). The cafe also sold a lot of Tasmanian produce and quality dry goods – doubling as a bit of a providore.  Including sausages and cured meats in the deli counter!

working the register

I love the little finishing touches they have made around the place, the great hanging lampshades, and the quirky features all over the place.  Overall, Laneway Café is worth a stop if you’re in Devonport – it certainly was one of the best cafés we experienced on our jaunt around the island state.

Laneway on Urbanspoon