Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe

Tonight it was just iMac and me.  The others had decided to go out for dinner somewhere, but at the time they were leaving iMac wasn’t up for a big night so she opted out.  I had come in late from my photography tour, and funnily enough, by the time I freshened up, she was ready for a nibble. On her list of must-go-back restaurants was the Morrell Wine Bar and Café.  She had fond memories of pulled pork tacos and mini steak sandwiches which taunted her from 2 years ago. So, we wandered down to 49th Street, to Rockefeller Plaza and found ourselves seated at a gorgeous alfresco table on a summer night in New York City.


Given we had such a big lunch at ABC Kitchen, we agreed no wine was necessary, and that we would a few of the appetisers between us would be enough.  Of course those pulled pork tacos and mini steak sandwiches were on the list. But we added another one – just to try something new. Once we ordered we were presented with the moistest focaccia bread I have ever eaten – it was beautiful.  It might have been because there was a Bouchon bakery right next door. I know focaccia is not French… but maybe they had a deal going???

fluffy moist bread


Duo of tartares

The something new we tried was the duo of tartares which consisted of a beautiful sushi grade tuna with soy emulsion, as well as Scottish salmon with lobster aioli and chives.  The accompaniments included lavosh bread, some lightly pickled cucumber strips and some nori strips. It was a beautiful and light dish – and certainly a good opener to our evening.

 Pulled pork

Pulled pork taco

These were most probably my favourite – the pulled pork was moist and flavourful, and piled into these gorgeous crunchy polenta tuiles.  Accented with Pico de Gallo – a fresh salsa and some fresh guacamole, it was to die for!! Yum.

Steak sandwiches

Mini steak sandwiches

And then there were the mini steak sandwiches made with beef steak, caramelised onion, and blue cheese sauce.  These were definitely awesomely delicious – and worthy of a return visit.  It probably all would have been better with a pinot noir – but even I know my limitations (albeit often too late!!). So, if you find yourself in Midtown, around the Rockefeller Centre or thereabouts – hunt out this little wine bar and café.  It’s a winner!!

Morell view

The view of Rockefeller Plaza

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