Dining Nirvana is a log of my dining adventures – searching for the best meals that the world’s most talented chefs, cooks and passionate enthusiasts can produce.  You know, the dishes that make you stop – and eat mindfully. The meals that move you to consciously block out all other stimuli around you, so that you focus completely and wholly on the gorgeous morsel of food that’s just entered your mouth. The dishes that mesmerise you, slow you, and induce you to enjoy every second, of every molecule, of every mouthful – so that you can remember each aspect of taste and texture.

You know what I’m talking about.

My adventures mostly take place in my wonderful hometown of Melbourne, Australia. However, the impetus for this blog was to document all the amazing adventures I had on my recent tour of the United States, so my earliest posts are focused on these travels.

Where possible, I think it’s good to complement these dining adventures by engaging in some exercise – whatever is personally meaningful, fulfilling and liberating for you. There’s nothing better than enjoying a meal that you’ve “earned” (or at least counteracted some of).

I’ve grown to love cycling over the last 3 years – and although I’m definitely not the world’s greatest cyclist, I do think it’s great to get out there and be active – and combine as many of your passions as possible  So, many of my posts will be about the cafés close to cycling routes around Melbourne (and the world where possible).  Hence the “two wheels” part of my title. In particular, I recently enjoyed a cycling tour of the Napa and Sonoma – a tour that enabled me to enjoy my passions of food, wine and cycling all intertwined.  That’s when you realise life’s pretty good, isn’t it?

I hope you enjoy my adventures in search of Dining Nirvana – may you find yours.