Middle Park Hotel – Meat Lovers’ Nirvana

Where do you go for an early dinner on Boxing Day in Melbourne?  I don’t know if you noticed… but a lot of my favourites were closed!  Couple this with the fact that we were due to check into the Spirit of Tasmania by 8:30pm… and our restaurant choices were limited to Port Melbourne or close by… Thank goodness for the Middle Park Hotel, proudly open 365 days a year!  And a pretty decent gastropub to boot!

Not only proud of the fact that they’re open everyday – the Middle Park Hotel has a pretty good reputation for its meat!  In fact, the first thing that happens once you’re seated is that you’re presented with the meat board offering the cuts of the day! That way you can size up the options and decide just how carnivorous you want to be….

Meat board

Clearly I was feeling fairly carnivorous, because I was eyeing off that seriously large hunk of cote de boeuf on the bone… it just looked so lush!  But I needed at least one other to share with… in fact, given it was 1kg… perhaps 2 others.  Luckily I talked Rambunctuous R and Talkative Techie T into it!!  Only downside… it would take about 40 minutes to cook!  Ooh la la… it seemed we had time for some entrées.

Scotch eggs

Scotch Egg, HP Sauce, Caper Relish

Wow… Scotch eggs!!  I reckon these might be a bit of a signature dish – and if not, they should be. They were amazing.  Deliciously surrounded by tasty sausage meat and deep fried, the yolk gorgeously runny, and that caper relish!! Woot – brilliant stuff that clears your sinuses.

Salmon blinis

Smoked salmon, blinis, Yarra Valley salmon roe & pickled heritage beets

The smoked salmon blinis was a very pretty dish – but the plural of “blinis” was a bit misleading as there was only one large one.  Not to worry, we split it up and enjoyed the oily smoked salmon with the cutting edge of the pickled beets.  Not quite as good as the Scotch eggs… but a good way to wait for our beef.

Wagyu rump

Speaking of which… here it is – barely recognisable as it’s been prepped for us by the chef.  It’s presented in a pan pooling with jus, and topped off by roasted figs!  The meat was divine – and there was certainly more than enough for the three of us!

Minute steak

250g John Dee 150 day grain fed minute steak with frites and herb butter

Andrew opted for the minute steak instead mainly because he thought he could handle the 250g.  The offerings on the menu and on the specials board were substantial pieces of meat – so it’s great for the carnivore in you.  It’s not his favourite cut – but he was happy enough with it.


We also ordered some sides – onion rings were a must, as was the potato mash.  Trying to counteract the indulgence we did order some lovely broccoli complemented by toasted almonds and goat’s fetta and raisins.  All were delicious.

The Middle Park Hotel is a great gastropub – especially if you love all cuts of beef you will be in heaven.  The service was fabulous, and the dishes generous and hearty.  Phew… and we made it well in time for our check in!  And straight onto the ship – love it!! The only way to fly… or float… you know what I mean.

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