Lucky lunch at Loam Restaurant

It was a lucky Saturday.  Andrew and I were actually down at the Bellarine Peninsula, enjoying the weekend with our lovely friends Bubblezz and Adventurous Pete.  The phone rang at 9:38am on Saturday morning…… Continue reading

Centonove in Kew

Centonove was recommended to me by most esteemed friend K – a great friend of mine from early University days who I’ve recently reconnected with through Facebook.  In my new attempt to go… Continue reading

Café Romulus

West Melbourne…  the land that time forgot.  Or as the Epicure put it so recently: Who knew West Melbourne was a place? Well it is a place, but a place so primordial, they don’t have… Continue reading

Scopri – Brilliant BYO Italian

For those of you haven’t met me yet – there’s a questions I always ask people:   “What’s your favourite restaurant?”    You never know you’re going to hear, and you might just find a… Continue reading

Café Gaia

St Kilda Road may not be the most burgeoning gourmet scene in Melbourne – but it’s not that far from the restaurant and café mecca that is Toorak Road. So, armed with my… Continue reading

Portello Rosso… tapas in the CBD

Tapas – oh my goodness!  Ever since that brilliant night in Jaleo – in Washington DC – I have had a craving for great tapas.  Where will I find it in Melbourne???  There… Continue reading