Café Un Deux Trois – Midtown, New York

I was at a bit of a loose end one morning for breakfast and decided to check out one of the cafés near the hotel on 44th Street before meeting iMac to do some shopping.  Café Un Deux Trois held such great promise – it had crépes on the menu, and it was French.  How could I go wrong?

Cafe exterior

Interior shot

I walked inside and asked for a table and quickly perused the menu.  Hmmm… the crepe selections were really not that inspired and seemed a little left of centre.  At a bit of a loss, I opted for the Crepe Normande.  As I waited, I took in my surroundings – it was a very pleasant restaurant.  Much more than a café really. But I wondered why it was so empty…?  The reason was about to hit me….

The crepe

Crepe Normande

My Crepe Normande appeared – it didn’t look too bad from the presentation and I eagerly went in with my knife and fork.  The description said scrambled eggs and bacon wrapped in a homemade crepe.  So, I was expecting some lovely soft scrambled eggs, with some freshly fried off bacon wrapped in a delicate tender crepe.

Here’s the problem.  The eggs were not scrambled.  They were cooked so much they resembled a hard, overcooked omelette. The bacon consisted of about one rasher of bacon that had been cut into strips, then fried off, and then sealed within the omelette.  The crepe was OK, but the eggs were too far gone for me.  It was definitely NOT French.  Oooh la la!!

As iMac had said to me in passing (they had gone for some soup after their Washington trip) – she thought they tried to be too many things to too many people and as a result didn’t succeed at any of it.  They were trying to be French, but also trying to please the American palate, and as a result – missed the mark completely.  Sorry – but this is one time I have to give some tough love, and declare that this restaurant was a long way from dining nirvana, and I don’t ever want to be that far away from it again!!

So, the moral of the story people is – if you want great crepes – you won’t find them here.  Thank goodness our lunch was a completely different story…. not that we had crepes… but it was good… Stay tuned….

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