Trattoria Dopo Teatro and Rock of Ages

Tonight we were headed out to Broadway – and even though we had a whole heap of duck with our lunchtime feast at Momofuku Ssam Bar – it’s amazing how you get hungry again by dinner time.  We decided a quick, one-course dinner was in order and thought we might try the other Italian restaurant down 44th Street, which was on the way to the theatre.


Trattoria Dopo Teatro

Trattoria dopo teatro translates roughly as after theatre restaurant… so they’re probably open quite late.  We were going before the theatre… maybe that’s where we went wrong…

We settled into our seats and informed our server that we would need to be in and out – as we had a commitment at the theatre.  Thereupon she asked what we were seeing… Rock of Ages we replied.  OOOooooh – I’m so jealous. I love that show. I saw the movie. Rave. Rave. Rave.  She was definitely an enthusiastic server.  It was almost as though she’d come out to dinner with us!!

We made our selections quickly from the menu (all pizzas) and then had a quick to and fro about what we wanted to do about the wine.  As always, I was terribly keen on the pinot, but the other girls weren’t sure.   iMac made the fatal mistake of asking our server about the different pinots on offer.  Oh, she gushed…  it’s so lovely – it’s so floral and light, just perfect for a girls’ night out.  iMac looked rather bemused… Do you mean pinots in general???   Yes, yes – our server gushed.  Realising we wouldn’t be getting any expert sommelier advice from her, we asked for a couple of minutes to decide.  Hmmm…. I normally wouldn’t describe a pinot as being floral.  Again… we couldn’t fault the girl on her enthusiasm, but she was perhaps a little over familiar with us, and a little unfamiliar with wine.  Anyhoo…. We finally settled on a lovely soft pinot…

Pinot noir

Our pinot noir


Margherita pizza

In short time, our pizzas arrived.   Pesky M and Gorgeous AT opted to share a Margherita pizza – with supplements from iMac and me on offer.  It was a good pizza – but not as lovely and thin crusted as the one Gorgeous AT had on our first night from the other gorgeous Italian restaurant we happened upon, Osteria al Doge.


Pizza ai funghi

iMac opted for the mushroom pizza.  It was lovely was that the pizza was not weighted down with mushrooms, and that it more about the lovely crispy crust and the tomato and cheese, but maybe a few more mushrooms could have been nice.  After all – they’re not just a garnish.


Pizza di Parma

With memories of the amazing pizza Gorgeous AT had enjoyed at Osteria al Doge – I ordered the pizza with mozzarella, tomato and prosciutto di Parma.  Look – it was a good pizza, but it didn’t rate against the one in my memory!


The actual ambience was quite lovely – especially when seen from the back of the restaurant.  Although iMac was consistently distracted by the widescreen TV mounted over the bar which was playing a football game.  It seemed quite incongruous with the type of restaurant it was trying to be.

Overall, it you can go anywhere – I would opt to go to Osteria al Doge.  While the food here was nice enough, and quite serviceable for our quick dinner before the theatre – it just didn’t have the quality and ambience of the other restaurant.

As for Rock of Ages… well what can I say?  It’s described in the Playbill as the longest running party on Broadway, and it’s been going for seven years or something like that.  Interestingly we weren’t allowed to take bottled water into the theatre – it was the only theatre that took them away from us.  Why did they do that? I’m really not sure.

We were in the second row – really close to the action.  So much so we could see the gussets on the girls’ pantyhose. Is there such a thing as too close??  From my perspective, I think it was written by someone who really wanted to relive all those amazing 80s hits and rock anthems by Whitesnake, Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi, etc. – but the story seemed a bit shoe horned around the song selection.

The story had sleazy band managers, sleazy rock stars, sleazy barmaids and try-hard musicians with a dream.  Central to the plot was a love story where the lead guy couldn’t express himself properly, so the lead girl ended up being a stripper.  Go figure!!   If you were a fan of those 80s rock stars then you would probably enjoy the worthy covers delivered live and enthusiastically on stage by talented, if mature, rockers – complete with gratuitous tongue lolling.  Personally, it wasn’t my favourite musical – and, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t recommend it as my top pick if you’re going to Broadway, but it was enjoyable enough and the girls seemed to love it.  Oh… and our water was waiting for us when we filed out…  so I didn’t waste my $2!

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