Day 3 New York – Breakfast at Sarabeth’s in TriBeCa and Upper West Side Street Fair

On Sunday I was left to my own devices as the girls had opted to take a day trip to Washington – of course – it ended up being the longest day trip to Washington on record but you’ll have to quiz them about that!

Far from being left alone – as it happened, one of my oldest friends – Classy K (who runs the amazing website was in New York at the same time as us.  So, even though we actually hadn’t seen each other for quite a few years (life gets so busy) – it seemed an amazing coincidence too good to pass up and we made arrangements to catch up for Sunday brunch.  So, I made my way down to Tribeca – to try the famous Sarabeth’s for our brunch reunion.

Cake display

Impressive cake display

While I waited, I took a seat at the “bakery” (which is the bar) and checked out the rather impressive cake display.  Classy K arrived with her lovely husband Robust R, and their little munchkins A and H.  The servers showed us to our very comfy corner booth, so we settled in and put in our orders – although our poor server had to come back a couple of times as Classy K and I gas-bagged our way through the first half an hour!

Finally – we made our selections and got down to talking again.  Fortunately for us – Robust R was good at distracting the little munchkins because we had years of gossip to catch up with.  But I’m sure you don’t want to get into the nitty gritty – you probably want to see what the food was like.

Eggs benedict

Classic Eggs Benedict

Robust R chose the Classic Eggs Benedict which featured Canadian bacon, hollandaise, peppers, and chives.  The interesting thing was that the eggs were served on biscuits (kind of like scones) – so it was a very rich dish.  Robust R seemed happy with the dish and polished it off with ease in between entertaining the two munchkins.

Eggs salmon

Salmon Eggs Benedict

Classy K chose the smoked salmon version of eggs benedict which also featured hollandaise, peppers, and chives.  Classy K comes to New York quite regularly and was happy to find the poached eggs of pretty good quality.  Apparently one of the things New York doesn’t do quite as well as Melbourne (apart from good coffee) is poached eggs – so she was happy – but did elect to leave most of the biscuit base.



The little munchkins were given plain pancakes and bacon and happily chowed down on them while watching something on the iPad.  Thank you Mr Jobs!!

Lemon pancakes

Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes, Fresh Blackberries

Naturally, I couldn’t let a research opportunity go by – and had to order the lemon and ricotta pancakes.  Alas – they were fairly dry, and came with only a little maple syrup to moisten them up.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of putting lashings of maple syrup on things – after all, that’s a flavour all by itself.  There was a very pleasant aroma of lemon within the pancake itself – and there’s no doubt these pancakes would appeal to the person who adores fluffy American pancakes – however, they are a bit dry and needed more than the berries to help them go down.  I only ended up eating about half of the pancakes.  Qu’elle horreur!

It was so lovely catching up with the gorgeous Classy K – I can’t believe we forgot to take a photo of the two of us together!!  We very happily finished up and wandered down the street – we will catch up again in Melbourne.  That’s a date!!

Speaking of dates – I had decided to do a little uptown shopping on this day so wound my way up to the upper west side.  Apart from finding a gorgeous top to die for – I was directed by my helpful sales person to a street fair that was happening in Amsterdam Avenue.  I wandered up there to see blocks and blocks of street fair wonder.   I did a lap and saw some wonderful things as the following photos will attest to.

Street fair 4

Street fair 3

Street fair 2

Street fair 1

Finally, after doing a reconnaissance of all the amazing street fair food on offer – I decided I could do a Maine lobster roll.  Now, I have to apologise because a bite is already out of it.  There was a guy standing beside me who wanted to see my face as I bit into it!!  I must have been convincing because he bought one straight away.   It was lovely fresh, sweet meat in a light mayonnaise – in a soft, sweet bun that America does so well.

Maine lobster roll

Maine Lobster Roll

It was a good finish to my exciting morning – but the evening also held a great deal of promise, as we were booked into WD-50.  Little did I know it at the time, but I was about to go on one of the best food journeys of my time here in New York… stay tuned for the next post!!

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