Day 2 – USA Adventure – Breakfast at Bubby’s

Being a mad researcher, and the acknowledged foodie of the group – the girls had trusted me with the eating itinerary.  There was absolutely no way that we would not be going to Bubby’s Pie Company in TriBeCa for breakfast.  When Andrew and I visited two years ago, their pancakes were the best I tasted throughout America.  I needed to have them again!!!  For research purposes, you understand.

So, I tentatively put Bubby’s down for our first breakfast and half expected jet lag to kibosh the whole excursion. However, the girls surprised me and were up for it on our very first morning. First up thought – we had to make a purchase. Pescatarian M was intent on some sunglasses – and so the first purchase was made.

The first purchase

First official purchase of the trip – some amazing pink sunglasses

We then caught the subway downtown to see if the experience could match my memory of those amazing pancakes.

I have to say, I love the ambience of Bubby’s – it’s so homey and lovely.  There’re all sorts of great bric-a-brac, and loads of pictures on the wall.

Busy bubby's

ambience 1

Bubby's brunch menu

Sourdough pancakes

Sourdough pancakes with Maine Blueberry compote

I guess I don’t need to tell you what I ordered – it was those pancakes.  Gorgeous sourdough pancakes, made from a sourdough starter made in 1890 from Klondike, Canada.  That’s right folks – these are 120 year old pancakes!! Oh Man!! They tasted even better than I remembered – gorgeously moist and doughy, they were seriously good and lived up to all of my hype!!  I do have to warn you though – if you like light and fluffy pancakes, then don’t order these – order the Bubby’s pancakes.  These sourdough pancakes are for people who like rich, moist and luscious pancakes. Amazing!!

Eggs benedict with salmon

Smoked Salmon Benedict with Spinach and Home Fries

Pescatarian M (henceforth known as Pesky M to cut out 3 syllables) ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict and with spinach and home fries.  This was one heck of a serve and she couldn’t finish all her salmon or fries.  The poached eggs oozed beautifully and the hollandaise sauce was unctuous and rich, and beautifully smooth and creamy.

Farmer's breakfast

Bubby’s Breakfast

iMac ordered the Bubby’s breakfast which consisted of eggs to order (she had poached), her choice of meat (chicken apple sausage), home fries, toast and some fruit to round it all out.  She particularly enjoyed the eggs, which were nice and oozy.


Chorizo omelette

Gorgeous AT ordered an chorizo omelette with some home fries and toast.  Again, those home fries beat her and she couldn’t finish the meal.

The girls admitted to me that although their breakfasts were good, they didn’t rock their worlds.  Oh my goodness….!!!! But then again, I’ve only had the pancakes and I rate them incredibly highly.  Still, it’s a pretty popular place – and I’ve since heard that it’s difficult to get perfectly poached eggs in in New York – so I’m going to keep recommending it to others, and maybe suggest that the pancakes are the best pick!!

Soho & Dasi

Soho Streets – and a stop at Dasi

After such an immense and delicious breakfast,  Gorgeous AT, Pesky M and I just meandered through the streets of TriBeCa and then through to SoHo where some shopping was undertaken. We had to go into Dasi, just because the Kardashians own it!!  Please note: That was more Pesky M than me!!

Instead, I was blown away by Dean and Deluca and couldn’t help but take so many photos of the beautiful produce and goods available there!! Oh my goodness – wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these in Melbourne!

DD Bread

DD cheese

DD homewares

DD deli

DD meat


DD fish

iMac, in the meantime, had a date uptown at the Bly Dry Bar.  After a couple of hours, I left the girls to it to meet iMac for our first Broadway Show – Kinky Boots.

Broadway theatres

Kinky 1

What an amazing show!!  I laughed, I cried – it was fantastic!  I was so impressed, I bought a program and a CD – something I never do.  It was one of the best musicals I have ever been to – helped along by the amazing talent of the two leads, Billy Porter (who won best actor in this year’s Tony awards) and Stark Sands (who was also a nominee).  No wonder it won 6 Tonys this year.

Kinky boots

Stark Sands

One of the two lead actors, Stark Sands, came out to sign autographs – we were a bit starstruck!!

Iona and I walked back to our hotel absolutely gushing about how fantastic it had been.  It was time to get freshened up for our first dinner out together as a group of eight – Gotham Bar and Grill.  Stay tuned about this fine dining adventure….

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