High Country Jaunt – Part 5 (FINAL): Tea Rooms of Yarck

That was it – we had wrapped up our weekend in Oxley.  There was just one thing left to do and that was get home safely.  We packed our gear into the car (why is it that for 3 days away, you need so much???!!!).  For one last gastronomic treat, I had booked us into lunch at the Tea Rooms of Yarck which necessitated we take the scenic route home.  We set out on our way, going through King Valley to enjoy the country side.  We had an interesting time when the petrol station we passed was full of motorcyclists, so we opted to press on, only to find our petrol light start to blink at us. We were motoring up the mountain – praying for a service station.  When that didn’t materialise, we just started praying that we could get to the top so we could coast the rest of the way down!!!  Oooh la la!!

If worst came to worst, my plan was to put Andrew on his bike… I still had my kindle, I could read for hours!  The good news is, that despite the persistent and urgent blinking of our petrol light, we managed to make it to Mansfield where we went straight to the first petrol station we saw.  Naturally, it was full of Harley Davidsons!!  This time, we opted to wait.

Fuelled up, we moved through the town – which was full to the with brim people there for a great looking food and wine festival!! If only we’d known!  By that stage though, we were getting dangerously close to our lunch booking time – so we continued on to Yarck.

Now, Yarck is a quaint little town.  It consists of a pub, a general store, a couple of B&Bs and a post office.  That’s about it.  How this little restaurant became a bit of an icon, I’m not sure! But an icon it is…


Baked goodies

The lovely treats on display as you walk in.

We entered the quaint little building, which looks like a house that’s had bits added on, closed in and extended to fit the ever growing crowds of pilgrims.  We were shown to a lovely table in the sunroom and settled in.



Plin di coniglio
Rabbit filled pockets of pasta with sautéed pumpkin and sage  $27

For my one course, I had chosen the rabbit tortellini.  The pasta on this dish was amazing, but as a complete dish, I have to admit it wasn’t the greatest meal I’ve ever had.  The pumpkin was still a little on the firm side, and the sauce was a little thin and grainy.  The rabbit filling was interesting, but rather bland.  So, overall I wouldn’t order this dish again. There were four pasta dishes on the menu – so the choices are a little slim, but I think I might have preferred the gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnuts more.


Pizze – Salsicce, cipolle e balsamico
Mozzarella, pork sausage, caramelised onion, parmesan and balsamic  $20

Andrew tucked into his pizza and really enjoyed it.  It had a beautiful thin crust and just the right amount of ingredients on the top.  Delicious.

Since we hadn’t overdone it with our savoury courses, we thought we could perhaps indulge in a little dessert situation!

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie

Andrew ordered the lemon meringue pie, which was delicious.  But what’s this??  A little pot of extra lemon curd! Oh my goodness – it was so deliciously and heavenly good.  I couldn’t help it – there was some curd burglary.

 Chocolate slice

Chocolate and coffee mousse slice

I was also pretty impressed with my chocolate and coffee mousse slice – incredibly dense, but delicious with chocolately goodness.  I enjoyed it with a strange dessert wine that I can’t fully remember…

The Tea Rooms of Yarck are a very pretty and delicious stop if you happen to be heading in or out of the High Country region. I don’t think I would make a special trip – given it’s a 2 hour drive from Melbourne, and that’s boring highway most of the way.  However, it was a good option for us heading back home from our High Country Jaunt.  Next time, I would order a little differently – but we would definitely give it another try.


Stay tuned for our next eating adventure – back to the Mornington Peninsula.  Of course, there’s been lots of eating going on in the meantime, so heaven knows what the next post will be. Quelle surprise!

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