High Country Jaunt – Part 4: Snow Road Produce

I awoke early on our last morning in Oxley – and opting to let the man sleep a little longer, I ventured out to see what breakfast offerings I could find.  Please do not be alarmed – this is a very normal routine for us.  Andrew only ever eats breakfast under duress, or during a bike ride – so I’m often breakfasting alone.

A quick check on Urbanspoon indicated that Snow Road Produce might be a bit of a local contender – so I drove the short distance to Milawa to check it out.  I wandered into the bright airy space and took a seat at one of the tables at the front.  Most of the floorspace is actually given over to a huge display of produce and wine, including lots of condiments and even some refrigerated goods.  If you’re up here and catering for yourself it would be a great place to stock up!


I loved that they had this huge bookshelf full of cookbooks and foodie references.  It’s good to know that if you weren’t prepared – then you could easily just pick something out and be absorbed for hours.  As it was, I had my trusty Kindle and was half way through The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.  It’s brilliant – and the main character cooks a recipe from Ezard!!  Hello!!

But back to breakfast… I ordered my usual three-quarter flat white, and it came out beautiful and strong.  The coffee is Allpress – one of my favourite brands.  It was so delicious – I ended up ordering two, which I thought was very radical!!

 Corn fritters

Corn and coriander fritters with Felix’s smoked bacon, grilled tomato and fresh avocado

I was in the mood for savoury, so the fritters caught my attention – and they sounded beautiful.  The plate arrived artfully arranged with my grilled treats.  Although the tomato looks a little charred it tasted fine, and the bacon and avocado were delicious.  I did find the fritters were a little heavy and doughy – but that was the only short coming of the dish.  Of course, being the star of the show, it was a little disappointing.

There are certainly a lot of other breakfast options that would be worthwhile checking out including the English muffin with caramelised apples, raisins and Milawa brie; or the little Dutch pancakes with maple syrup and ice-cream.  I certainly would go back there – but maybe order something else next time.  The ambience and great service alone make it a worthwhile visit – and the professionalism of the operators (as well as the positive reviews on Urbanspoon and Twitter) assure me that there’s a lot of potential for a great dining experience.

Snow Road Produce on Urbanspoon