Lau’s Family Kitchen – Simply Exceptional

Lau’s Family Kitchen is a St Kilda institution – established in 2006 it has offered amazingly simple, yet divine Cantonese food to Melburnians in the know for 7 years now.  It’s almost impossible to get into on a Saturday or Friday night, and often the other nights of the week – so you should always book.  There’re generally two sittings to choose from – and service is quick and attentive.  It’s perfect for a pre-dinner show (say for example, if you’re heading over to the Palais… as we were that evening).

You may recognise the name… and rightly so.  Gilbert Lau is the restaurateur that gave us the famed Flower Drum.  This restaurant is one generation evolved – with Gilbert’s sons, Michael and Jason, running the floor, while James Lau (relationship unknown) is in the kitchen. It is indeed, a family affair.

Now, I have a confession to make… I have been to Lau’s a number of times.  But to be honest the food is so yummy – we tuck into it so quickly, I have failed miserably to record and report these enjoyable forays. Finally, however, I have amassed enough photos to provide a blog post.  So, without further ado…


Lamb Spring Rolls

These lamb spring rolls are delicious!  Crispy, crunchy and golden, they are filled with a juicy, lightly spiced lamb mince that is studded with Chinese vegetables.  They are served with a beautiful plum sauce which really complements the richness of the rolls. We adore these – and they are pretty much a “must order” item, whenever we visit.

King George Whiting

King George Whiting

Another “must order” is the amazingly delicate King George Whiting which has been lightly battered tempura style, and fried.  The batter is so thin and crisp, it basically crunches and then disappears – leaving this steaming, tender flesh that melts in your mouth.  We douse it liberally with lemon juice and the salt and pepper seasoning and it just sings!  Life doesn’t get much better! Honestly, this is the best fried fish you will ever eat!

Eye Fillet

Sautéed Eye Fillet and Seasonal Greens

We also love the sautéed eye fillet – it is so tender it is melt in the mouth. It is shiny with some sort of magical, Chinese glaze and served simply with steamed rice and seasonal greens. Absolutely luscious.

I cannot recommend Lau’s Family Kitchen to you highly enough.  The food is prepared simply, and is simply beautiful – which means there’s nothing to hide.  They clearly source the freshest most beautiful raw products they can, and give it a little Lau magic. You will not be disappointed. I never have been.  Enjoy!

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