Riverbar & Kitchen – Brisbane

So, the next big question you probably want to ask about our Bris Vegas adventure is: Where did they have breakfast?  What an act to follow – Champ Kitchen and Bar for lunch, Degustation at Aria for dinner…  there was a lot of pressure!!  Add to this the fact that I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet so fraught with danger. I mean let’s face it: There’s lots of mediocre breakfast places out there – and as with most capital cities, the best action is happening in the inner burbs – not the CBD – and guess where we were staying… that’s right… the CBD.

We had picked a place in Fortitude Valley, and were resigned to the fact that we would be cabbing it out there… but after my dinner, I was sitting tucked up in bed – and I have to admit, I was a little bit in love with Aria by this stage (let’s face it – about 8 glasses of wine down the hatch probably helped) – so much so that I decided to officially “Like” Aria on my Facebook page.  Well… I’m glad I did because then I started to get the Matt Moran feed on Facebook.

My new mate Matt suggested I try his more casual eatery, Riverbar & Kitchen, for breakfast, which just happened to be a little bit further up the Eagle Street Pier precinct than Aria was… in other words – eminently walkable.  So, I SMS’d the change of plans to iMac and the next morning we checked out, left the bags with the concierge and took a little walk.

The first thing I have to mention is that the setting is amazing. Right there on the Brisbane River, you can sit at a table, or up on stools, or in the main restaurant area.  A great place for alfresco dining – and for taking in the easy, breezy Brisbane way of life.  Absolutely stunning.

Riverbar view to exterior

We managed to tear our attention away from the view and check out the menu… which looked pretty good as well.  We decided that in order to do our best research, we might have to try a savoury course each and then share the pancakes for dessert.  The things we do for you dear reader!!!

bacon & eggs

Eggs on sourdough toast, roasted tomato, with a side of bacon and mushrooms

So first up, iMac decided to compose her own breakfast of poached eggs and roasted tomato, with a side of bacon and mushrooms.  She was pretty happy overall – although the eggs came broken on the plate, which as we know is a bit of a no-no.  They should have really poached a couple of freshies for her.

Zucchini fritters

Zucchini fritters, poached eggs, feta, salsa verde

My zucchini fritters were amazing – pan fried until they were crispy, they were filled with grated zucchini and were not stodgy at all.  They came with a couple of poached eggs (one of which was also broken).  Given I don’t really eat eggs (not that I don’t like them, but they don’t like me) – I was able to donate the unbroken one to iMac.  The fritters were served with a salsa verde, which was fresh and vibrant, and studded with feta cheese.  It was a pretty decent rendition of fritters, so I was very happy.

Ricotta pancakes

Pancakes, figs, mascarpone, honey

And then, the grand finale of pancakes – the serve was perfect as a breakfast dessert. Three golden, tender and moist pancakes were drizzled generously with honey, topped with mascarpone cheese, and crowned with delicious fresh figs.  Dusted with icing sugar – the dish was beautifully balanced and a brilliant way to finish our Brisbane adventures.

Riverbar interior

Overall, Riverbar and Kitchen is a great way to start your day in Brisbane… and really, you could probably stay on for lunch… and if you’re that way inclined,… just let the sun keep marching over and stay on for dinner.  It’s that sort of place… where you can relax, enjoy the view, and just keep ordering.  I liked it a lot! Bon appetit!

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