New Fried Brioche at Hardware Societe

There’s a new menu at Hardware Societé – that means a new Fried Brioche… and I consider it my duty people to keep you apprised of these significant gastronomical events.  So, without further ado….

French toast

Fried Brioche, dulce de leche bavarois, rosé scented pears, pistachio praline

A massive fried brioche – and what’s not to like?  A gorgeous caramel bavarois that is delicate, creamy and soft; perfectly poached pears; and pistachio praline that’s more like a crumble that gives the dish a textural crunch.  Life doesn’t get much better!

Good friend Gorgeous K was there as well… she had….

coconut bread

Banana and coconut loaf, sweet lemon thyme and blueberry mascarpone

This is a great and generous breakfast serving that could easily accommodate two more modest diners.  I love the lashings of blueberry mascarpone.