Henry and the Fox… revisit post

Gorgeous C was keen to catch up … I made a few suggestions and she cheerfully chose Henry and the Fox.  It had been awhile since my last visit – and ever since then I have been dying to get back there!   Of course, news has since broken that Michael Fox (the fox alongside Henry) has moved on… I have no idea if the menu has changed since then, so just make sure you check it out.  It will be interesting to watch.  But in the meantime,  you can enjoy this post that highlights some of their greatest hits!  At least I think so…

Pre dinner nibblies

Pre-dinner drink & nibblies

I arrived a little bit ahead of Gorgeous C, so I had to sit out on the deck and have a little pinot noir – but of course.  I love that they brought me some little nibblies to go with!! How trés Francais!!  Life is very good.

Polenta chips

Polenta chips with truffle aioli

Look… I know we had these last time… but oh my goodness: how wonderful are they???  They are bloody brilliant.  Imagine scoffing these down, while supping on a delicious glass of pinot noir.  It’s one of the small pleasures in life…


Fried calamari, five spice, coriander puree

The calamari was everything you’d hope for – tender, crispy, and pretty well seasoned. The option of adding some five spice powder was great, although the coriander puree didn’t really have enough aroma to me…

Moreton bay bugs

Moreton bay bugs with roasted cauliflower

I have to say – the last time I had this dish, it seemed to be better.  I don’t know – maybe the cauliflower was just a little too charred?   All the flavours were there  – but the charred cauliflower overwhelmed the delicacy of the bug meat.  A pity – because my previous recollections were that this dish was legendary.

Pork belly

Pork belly, fennel, orange, dill

Pretty much a signature dish here and much photographed on blogs – there’s a lot to like here. Beautiful pork belly, just enough in the layers of fat, and topped off with a crispy skin.  The fennel, orange and dill salad cut through the richness of the pork and make you think that the dish could almost be healthy…  almost…

Lamb Loin

Lamb dish…

I know – I’m a bad blogger…. I really don’t remember a lot about this lamb dish.  I remember the braised lamb dish we had at our last visit – which was amazing!! This one was a lot more classic – lean, medium rare lamb loin served with a pea puree, and some other greens.  It was nice enough – but not a patch on that last dish.  It doesn’t appear to be on the current menu… so the chef obviously thought the same.

Iceberg lettuce - side dish

Side dish: Iceberg lettuce

This was a lovely, fresh side dish.  Über simple in its construction – but delicious.  Iceberg lettuce – who would have thought!

Chocolate pannacotta

Chocolate pannacotta x 2

Chocolate pannacotta and strawberries

It was a difficult decision, but Gorgeous C and I decided to share some dessert…  at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I love, love, love pannacotta.  It’s a recent lust thing… but I’m telling you it’s more than a fling.  Who doesn’t love scooping up a spoonful of creamy, just-set goodness and letting it melt in your mouth to infuse all your senses with flavour???  Go on – just admit it.  It’s the first step.  Anyhoo…. This pannacotta was not like that.  Maybe it was the chocolate in it – but it reminded me of a mousse more than a pannacotta.  I mentioned this to our waiter, however, and was advised that I couldn’t say that without risk to my health.  Their pastry chef was from Italy and this was exactly how his Nonna made it!!  I took the point and relented somewhat – but you need to know people.  Just sayin…

Henry and the Fox is a great place for an after work feed with friends.  The service is great, and the vibe is friendly  – and if you start by sitting out on the deck you get bonus nibblies! Who doesn’t love that.  The food is top notch – and seems good value for the price you pay.  Definitely stick it on your list of places to try… a good time is assured.

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