Miss Marmalade’s Gingerbread Hotcakes

Hmmm…. did someone mention gingerbread hotcakes…? I’m not sure – it might have been a random retweet on twitter… Dangerous stuff twitter.  It’s the root of all sorts of spontaneous indulgences and additions to my “must try” lists.  But gingerbread hotcakes… the mere mention holds a lot of promise, especially since ginger is one of my favourite spices, and I have a deep and abiding love of hotcakes…

Not to mention my dedicated pursuit of identifying the best hotcakes / pancakes in Melbourne… I was doomed.  So out I toddled one early Sunday morning to Brunswick… to check them out, ostensibly for you dear reader!  Not for me at all…

Miss Marmalade is placed incongruously at the end of a very uninspired block of flats – so uninspired I successfully drove right past it before checking my trusty iPhone map to see where the heck I was.  One U-turn later and a bit of back tracking – I parked outside said flats and found myself a seat inside.


The ambience is lovely with cute little features – and they’re supporters of StreetSmart.  We like them already.


First up – the coffee.  It’s good – their own blend in fact.  It was written up on a blackboard – but I forgot to write it down. Testimony to its goodness though, was the constant stream of regulars coming in to collect their morning coffee – even on a Sunday!

Ginger hotcakes

Gingerbread hotcakes with poached fruit, Tahitian vanilla bean and maple mascarpone and chopped pistachios

And voila!  Here are the hotcakes.  Now – I do need to warn you that I’m not a huge fan of fluffy hotcakes – and these were definitely in this category.  If you love fluffy pancakes, then you would probably love this dish.  The fluffiness for me was somewhat redeemed by the subtle spiciness of the ginger, but again it was probably a little too understated for me.  What was brilliant about the dish was the very generous portion of good quality, creamy vanilla mascarpone cream and the lashings of fruit compote.  Mmmmm… mascarpone!

Overall, Miss Marmalade is a gorgeous café serving excellent coffee and a great selection of dishes. The breakfast is an all-day affair which is one of the more beautiful things to see on a menu! I don’t know that the hotcakes put it in the category of destination cafés – but it certainly serves great local food to a very appreciative and loyal neighbourhood!

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