Chin Chin – Greatest Hits

So, another visit to Chin Chin – this time with the lovely iMac and her friend Sheri!  iMac, much to my surprise, hadn’t yet had the opportunity to have the classic Chin Chin experience.  Obviously, an oversight on my part.

We all started with cocktails while we perused the menu – for my money the Thai Basil is the way to go.  Love, love, love it!  Sorry – no pic!

Kingfish sashimi

Kingfish sashimi, with lime, chilli, coconut and Thai basil

This is hands-down one of my favourites!  The kingfish is fresh and sweet, and complemented by the punchy flavours of lime and chilli. It makes your mouth water it’s so good.

Pork -roll-ups-

Chin Chin Pork Roll-ups – Red Braised Suckling Pig, with pancakes, slaw and Asian herbs

The classic dish that has everyone talking.  Delicate pancakes that you fill with pulled pork and lashings of Asian herbs and vegetables.  My only complaint – there’s only 4 pancakes, and they could easily put 6 on there.  Really good.

Barramundi salad

Crispy Barramundi and Green Apple Salad, with caramelised pork, peanuts, chilli and lemongrass

This dish is another favourite (can you have this many favourites?).  The barramundi has been crumbed and deep fried in bite size pieces and then tossed through a flavour filled salad.  Green apple, thai basil, and mint contribute beautifully to a base of lettuce.  Then, on the side – like a welcome stranger – that beautiful, fall apart caramelised pork (that also comes with the Gapi fried rice).  Amazing!

Pad Se Ew Wagyu

Pad Siew of braised Wagyu and Gai Lan, rolled rice noodles and crispy shallots

Gosh!  This is another favourite.  This is pad siew like you’ve never seen it.  The difference is the rolled rice noodles – they are soft, light and soak up all the flavours of the dish – Delicious!  Add to this – some tender wagyu pieces, just enough Asian greens and an intense sticky sauce and you are in heaven.  It can sometimes tend towards the sweet side – so definitely a sharing dish!  As all the dishes at Chin Chin are!

So, these are the list of Chin Chin’s greatest hits – at least for me they are!  And there’s still so much of the menu left to sample!!  I guess I’ll have to get back there soon….

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