PM24 – Chicken or beef?

It was time to take the boys out again….  It was young J’s birthday… (23 is still young, especially when compared to us!), and I’m always looking for any excuse to go out.  So, we took him and his partner, K out to dinner.  Being the expert on restaurants – I usually provide a short list for them to choose from – and this time PM24 was the lucky pick.  This was great because I was dying to try their dish of the year – rotisserie chicken!




Ginger mojito, Framboise Cosmo

First up – let’s make sure we relax.  Cocktails seemed to be the order of the day and I didn’t have too much problems convincing K to come on the ride.  I ordered a ginger mojito, and he, a framboise cosmo! Hello!  I love the fact that they served home-made ginger beer on the side for the mojito! Delicious!

Prawn twists

Brick (sic) pastry wrapped prawn, tomato jam

For entrée, I had a master plan that involved dessert – so I opted for a few of the pastry wrapped prawns rather than a larger entrée.  These prawns were absolutely delicious.  Think crispy pastry wrapped around sweet prawn meat.  I didn’t use the tomato jam (Tomato and prawns?  It doesn’t sound right to me!).  They were great by themselves…


Confit duck salad with poached egg

Birthday boy J decided to order the confit duck salad – mainly because he hadn’t had confit duck before.  It came on a delicious frisee salad, some mixed grilled mushrooms, and was crowned by a softly poached egg.  He was very happy with it!

Charcuterie board

PM24 Charcuterie Selection, cornichons, croutons

Both K and Andrew decided to try the charcuterie selection – feed the boys meat!  They happily consumed the cured meats… but weren’t too keen on the chicken liver parfait!  So, I took one for the team and helped them out.  This parfait was beautiful, as one would expect from a French master chef.


Rotisserie chicken, Lechefrite sautees potatoes

Well… here it is – the dish of the year according to Larissa Dubecki. I have to say – it was nice as far as roast chicken goes, but I’m not sure I would rate it dish of the year.  Before Café Vue on St Kilda Road started closing for dinner, I was fortunate enough to have one of their rotisserie chickens – and I have to say the memory of that (which may not be entirely accurate) exceeded my experience at PM24. Not that there was anything wrong with PM24’s chicken – it was juicy, well seasoned, and served with a lovely jus – just keep your expectations reasonable and there’s nothing not to like.

Steak and chips

Steak frites, sirloin 280g, with beef jus, fries

The boys all ordered steak frites – a little predictable! It was almost like one of those weddings from the 70s – chicken for the ladies, and beef for the men!! Of course, this was chicken and beef like you’ve never had at a wedding reception!! From all accounts the steaks were very good, cooked well, and the jus was lovely.  The fries were pretty much inhaled. So everyone was happy.


Crépes à la minute, milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel ice cream

One of the reasons I had chosen a more modest entrée (a plan blown away by the surfeit of chicken liver parfait) was that I had pre-scoped out the dessert menu.  There was an item on it that was impossible to resist.  Crepes!  With chocolate!! And peanuts!  And caramel ice-cream!  Hello!!  Funnily enough, I was not alone in ordering it – both K & J also agreeing with me that it was impossible to resist.  So, when the dishes were presented I was pretty excited – but alas!  I was a little bit let down.  The crepes were actually a bit tough.  I’m not sure if it was because we had ordered three all at once – but it was pretty disappointing.  Ah well…. I may have to head back to Paris!



Andrew didn’t think he had enough room for the crepe – but was easily talked into an affogato. The dessert you have when you’re not having a dessert. It’s kind of like dessert and coffee in one… in fact, who am I kidding – that’s exactly what it is. And it was the perfect ending to the meal for him.  He was a happy caffeinated camper!

Petit fours

Petit fours – marshmallows

Ooh la la! More food!! A lovely touch – but I couldn’t eat another bite, even if it was all squishy and squashy!  The boys had no problems polishing them off.  Pink, soft, homemade and delicious.

PM24 is a great restaurant – I have had a number of good meals there.  I’m glad I got a chance to try the rotisserie chicken, but I’m not sure it would be my first pick next time I’m there.  There are so many great dishes to choose from, all of which represent great French food and are consistently high quality. Alongside this exemplary food, the service is fantastic with the staff demonstrating just the right level of attentiveness.  It’s also one of the few restaurants in the city where you see the high profile head chef manning the pass and making sure every one of the dishes goes out to his exacting high standards.  C’est tres bon!

PM24 dining room