Morning Glory at Elceed?

OK – I have to concede that I made this visit to Elceed just after it got named one of the best breakfasts in town in an article by The Age entitled Morning Glory!  What a plug!  I had already been to visit Elceed previously and enjoyed a couple of their dishes, but not the pea and broadbean smash which had been lauded in the article.

The interesting thing about Elceed is while their breakfasts are really good – the service can be a bit slow, and be a little bit surly. Which is a pity – because it’s got a quirky, comfortable ambience and has a lot to offer in what is becoming a very hipster side to classic North Melbourne!

Coffee 2

The coffee is quite good – strong and nutty.  I loved it so much I had two – not what I usually do when I have limited time.  It’s Supreme coffee – which, when done well – is brilliant. Kudos to the barista!

Pea and broad bean smash

Pea and broadbean smash with mint, ricotta and poached eggs

So, I ordered the aforementioned breakfast that had garnered such an auspicious spot in The Age article – but not being an eggy girl, I asked for the eggs to be left off.  You’d think they might have beefed up the serving of the smashed broad beans, or at least dropped the price a bit – but alas – no!  Hmmm…. While it was a good dish, the word stingy springs to mind.   Surely if it costs $3 to order an extra egg, one could drop the final price by a couple of bucks if you’re opting not to have two??!   Hello?  Anyone???

So, final words – yep – it’s a great breakfast, the coffee is awesome – and the array of fresh cakes in the display beg for attention.  However – upping the smash in the absence of eggs should go without saying – it just comes across as stingy otherwise.  Also, as someone wise once said – smiles are free – but perhaps not at Elceed.  It just lacks a bit of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.  If you’re going there – go for solitude, or take some friends for a laugh and a smile – just sayin!

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