Charlie Noble – Queenscliff

Amnesty Series

Please note: This blog post is being published as part of my Amnesty Series – where I am catching up on reporting about all the wonderful eating I’ve been doing over the last 3 months.  Apologies for being so woefully behind and thanks for your patience.  If you decide to visit Charlie Noble, please bear in mind that some items may no longer be available due to the seasonality of menus.

Author’s note: I have also been advised that a new Head Chef has been appointed since this visit.  The next time Dining Nirvana is in the area, she has promised to do a revisit.  In the meantime, if anyone else dines at Charlie Noble and would care to comment on the quality of the food and service – I would love to hear about it – Please leave a comment!

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Bubblez and I were support personnel today for all the men in our lives who were undertaking Around the Bay in a Day.  First up – our men, Andrew and Adventurous P were doing the Geelong to Melbourne leg, and then her sons, the Twin Fluffs, were doing the clockwise Melbourne to Melbourne leg!

It’s hard work being us!  We got up early to see the two men off – and then trundled down to Queenscliff to see them as they passed us to get on the ferry.  Of course, we arrived well before them so there was only one thing to do!  Breakfast!

Plenty of room outside

Charlie Noble is one of the newer cafés down this end of town – and it looks pretty schmicko, with a great setting and ambience just in front of the water.  Clearly this area is a favourite with cyclists, as there was a couple of bunch rides (not doing the ATiB) who landed there for coffee, although they were pretty evenly distributed between the 3-4 cafés that share the facilities.


First up – the coffee!  We needed it being so early in the morning!


Pancakes, Mixed Berry Compote, Vanilla Cream

There were pancakes on the menu – but I had a sixth sense that these ones would probably disappoint me. Bubblez on the other hand ordered them with abandon! Looking at them – I wasn’t even really inspired to try them as they look a little bit rubbery.  She didn’t seem to complain though, and I think she particularly enjoyed the berry compote and vanilla cream.


Corn fritter, smoked salmon, rocket, yoghurt & pesto (with a side of mushrooms)

I decided to order the corn fritter which came with lashings of smoked salmon and plenty of yoghurt and pesto.  There was also lashings of rocket (which I tend to think of as breakfast spakfilla).  I ordered a side of mushrooms – as life can always use much more fun-ghi!  The fritter was a tad dry and doughy, and to be honest, there was just too much partying going on with that plate – pesto, yoghurt, rocket and fritters jockeying for taste bud attention.

The view from inside

I have to give kudos to the setting – as it was a beautiful place to have breakfast.  It’s just a pity so many restaurants and cafés with such beautiful vistas to offer the eye, disappoint when it comes to delivering a tasty feast to match the visual one.

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