Josef Chromy Winery Restaurant – Tasmania

Well… it was our last day in Tasmania. We were scheduled to board the Spirit of Tasmania for our journey back to the mainland at around 5:30pm – and in the meantime we had a full day to kill.  Part of that would be taken up by our 240km journey from Bicheno to Devonport, but needing to checkout at 10:30am – we knew that we would need some further distraction.

Knowing our dining options would be limited once we got on the ship – we decided that it represented an opportunity to have a grand lunch. Detouring to Josef Chromy Winery added a mere 18km to our trip, and I had heard good things about the restaurant there (and the pinot noirs) – so we made a last minute booking and were lucky to get a table outside in the shade.


The winery has some fantastic modern architecture out the back where the restaurant has been added.  While our last minute booking meant that we could only sit outside, we quickly realised that inside would have been quite loud with all the hard surfaces… and look at this view – pretty stunning!  Yes… even with the other half in the shot!!

The view

After a breakfast of homemade poffertjes with salted caramel (one of my specialties) we actually weren’t as hungry as we could have been – so we opted to go straight for mains.

Ocean Trout

Crispy skinned ocean trout

Rambunctuous R decided to go the lighter option with the crispy skinned ocean trout. It was served on a gorgeous salad of coriander, soba noodles, and pea tendrils, and accented with chilli and lime. The ocean trout flaked beautifully and the salad was delicious.


Tasmanian Lamb Rump

The lamb rump was served with potato puree, pan fried asparagus, and merlot jus.  Talkative Techie T felt the lamb was a little bit fatty (but personally I don’t mind that as it adds to the flavour).  The puree was silky and smooth, and the asparagus cooked perfectly.  It was a good dish.

king Island Sirloin

King Island Scotch Fillet

Naturally, Andrew opted for the steak – which was served with some buttered savoy cabbage which he normally wouldn’t like, but they must have known it was Andrew – so they folded through liberal amounts of onion! Noice!  We all loved the dish the steak came on – with a built in side dish for the rosemary potatoes.

Duck Breast

Duck Breast

Another predictable choice for me (although I was tossing up between this and the lamb) – I had the duck breast.  It was served with that beautiful, silky potato puree, a perfectly cooked piece of bok choy, and a very interesting mixture of finely diced vegetables and chorizo which had been braised in a subtly flavoured stock.  It was a pretty unusual combination of flavours and textures – but it worked.

Hmmmm…. Did I have room for dessert? I had spied a soft-centred chocolate pudding on the menu that had flirted with me shamelessly…  I felt that I should check it out… just for you dear readers!

Home made icecream

Homemade ice-cream

Talkative Techie T and Andrew liked the sound of the homemade icecream – the flavours on offer were vanilla bean, cookies and cream and blueberry cheesecake.  These guys are big cookies and cream fans, so once they heard that was on offer, there was no going back.  They each ordered a bowl…

Rambunctious R  decided to be virtuous so said that she would share one of Talkative Techie T’s scoops… T’s face fell and his mouth drooped a little, but being a true gentleman he conceded – although we could tell he really didn’t want to share when he almost scraped the ceramic off the bowl.  Needless to say – the ice-cream was the highlight of the meal. Luscious, creamy, flavour bombed with cookies.  Pretty lush!

Soft centred Chocolate pudding

Soft Centred Chocolate Pudding

As for my soft-centred pudding – Oh. My. Goodness.  I was in dining nirvana!  The pudding was cooked to perfection – almost crispy caramelised on the outside and soft and flowing on the inside. Couple this with the fact I had a scoop of the blueberry cheesecake ice-cream with it – Hello!! What a partnership!  Divine! I have to say – that homemade ice-cream was some of the best I’ve ever eaten. It was a perfect accompaniment to the soft, flowing chocolate pudding.

Josef Chromy is a great, modern winery restaurant putting out brilliant food.  The only downside to our visit was that sitting outside, our food cooled off a little too quickly which made it difficult to enjoy it at its best. Nonetheless – it’s a great winery to visit offering gorgeous lake views and some lovely matching wines! It was definitely worth taking the detour!

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