Holy Cow Cafe – Pyengana, Tasmania

We were on a mission – someone had suggested that the Pyengana cheese factory was a good place to visit on our jaunt from Launceston to Bicheno.  Rambunctuous R is a lover of delicious deli offerings… and Andrew’s favourite cheese is a sharp cheddar – so it was programmed it into the mini’s GPS and we powered through the north east corner of Tasmania to find it.


After wending our way through hill and dale, we finally came to Pyengana and found the cheese company.  Inside we were offered tastings of a range cheddars – from one month to 24 month matured, and with various flavourings including herb, chilli and pickled onion!  After making some judicious purchases we realised that we had arrived in time for lunch…  so given that the Holy Cow Café was part of the facility we checked out the menu.  Our next stop was another couple of hours away… so we decided to stay and give it a go.  All in the name of research for you dear reader!


Moo Burger

Both boys ordered the Moo Burger – upon inspection the patty inside was an impressive size, but the salad was fairly pedestrian.  Honestly – who puts grated carrot into a hamburger? And rather than a slice of good, melty cheese – they had grated cheese that never melted at all.  Given it was a cheese factory, they may have put their own cheese in it – but the objective of the cheese in a hamburger is to melt, and this cheese did not come anywhere close.  The relish on the side seemed incongruous – and didn’t go with the hamburger.  Overall, the taste was pretty average but serviceable.

Pie of the day

Rambunctuous R and I ordered the pot pie of the day – which was beef, mushroom and onion.  The pastry was delicious, and the flavour of the beef and mushroom filling was reasonable – although the texture of the beef was a bit weird – a bit soft and textureless.  Again, the accompanying salad was pretty unimaginative, being more of that ubiquitous grated carrot, some quartered tomatoes and generic lettuce.

Overall, the Holy Cow Café is a tourist café.  It has a captive audience given it’s half an hour from the nearest decent sized town, St Helens.  While it’s not destination dining – the cheese tastings draw a holiday crowd and the café capitalises on that by providing some middling food in a lovely setting where you can take in the vistas of cows grazing in paddocks and rolling hills.  Just don’t expect the world’s greatest hamburger…

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