It’s been ages since I’ve been to Cookie, so when good friend Feisty F suggested it I was very keen to go back!  Things really haven’t changed there – they still serve you on plastic doilies and provide you with old fashioned melamine dishes.  They have a rocking selection of drinks – including spritzes and a great range of wines by the glass.  And it just has a great vibe… after all these years!

Two things I’ve learned about Cookie:

  1. Never underestimate the power of a booking.  Even now, something like 10 years after they opened the doors, rocking up at 6pm on a Wednesday does not guarantee you a seat.  We were lucky to score a 1½ hour session!
  2. The food tends to be a bit on the spicy side – but the kitchen is very happy to cater to requests.  So, if you’re not a chilli volcano type person, you can order your dishes mild.  We did and they were absolutely beautiful.

What did we eat?

Steamed fish dumplings with pickled cucumber

These dumplings were beautiful to behold – I don’t think I’ve ever seen dumplings so pretty. The inside was filled with some cooked and shredded fish that was very tender.  The only drawback for me was that the consistency of the noodle and the filling was a bit same-same and they appeared to be a tad overcooked.  The pickled cucumber though, was inspired and really lifted the dish and gave it some much needed vibrancy.

Cured kingfish, avocado, mango, chilli and mint salad

This salad was divine – thin slices of kingfish mingled with slices of avocado and mango and had a gorgeous citrusy, sweet dressing that was accented by the heavenly aromas of mint.  Because we’d asked for it mild – the heat was missing, but hey that’s how we asked for it. It didn’t seem to suffer from its omission – being a gorgeous dish – fresh, light and full of tropical flavours.

Fat rice noodles with duck, cabbage, green peppercorns & basil

The fat rice noodles had that wonderful, silky, slippery texture and were slightly flavoured with an earthy soy.  There were some nice chunks of duck and plenty of cabbage and basil.  You can see a big chilli there – but we just left it on the side.  It lent just enough heat to keep things interesting – but was in no way overwhelming.

Overall, Cookie has not lost its touch – it still provides satisfyingly great food in a cool, seriously vibey location!  I look forward to my next visit!

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