France – Jour 20 – Final day

Our final day in France

This morning we arose a little melancholy – it was our last day in France.  Tonight we were catching our long flight back to Australia.  I gazed out of our window… the view from our bedroom, at the top of the château, was of the small out building which housed the Billiard room – how cool is that?

If we looked across – we could see Marg sitting outside her room.  She was in one of the former chalet rooms.  Can I tell you?  These rooms were much more spacious than our château rooms – so if you have a choice request one of these.

We had a bit of a leisurely morning – as we were catching the train at 11:30am from St Pierre Des Corps in Tours.  After a whiskey tasting courtesy of our Irish guide Padraic, and special farewells all around, we hopped on our train.  Before you know it – well about an hour later – we were in Paris!

We had booked the cheapest room we could find closest to the train station. We knew we would barely be in it – but it was a place to store our luggage while we went out to see a bit more of Paris, and where we could have shower before heading to the airport.

First up lunch… I was in the mood for crepes!  So, we walked around St Germain de Pres determined to find them.  We eventually came across a little café, I think it was called Fiori or something like that – in the Rue de Buci.   I think we might have been sucked into a bit of a tourist trap here.  They were playing the Beachboys – which should have been our first clue.  Nonetheless – we were hungry and wanted to eat.

Hamburger & Frites

Andrew ordered a hamburger – which he declared to the worst hamburger he’d eaten in France.  It didn’t help that the top was burnt!  But the rest of it wasn’t that good either!

The Californian

I can’t say that my galette rocked my world either.  It was OK as far as  far as galettes go – but I think I’ve just worked something out.  I’m not a great fan of galettes – it must be the buckwheat.  It makes the end product much “shorter” because it doesn’t have any gluten in it.  Anyway – it came with sausage and tomato sauce (thankfully home made), egg, onion and potato!  I should have know better – we weren’t hungry anymore – but we weren’t satisfied.

I had to make a stop at Debauve and Gallois.  There was chocolate that needed to be purchased to complete my Paris trip.  Then we headed down to the Seine – to enjoy the Paris vistas one last time.

View of the Louvre (we never did get there ~ something for next time!)

Our last glimpse of Le Pont des Beaux Arts – gloriously covered in padlocks!

The critical purchases

Sitting on the banks of the Seine ~ one last time!

On the way back to the train station – I spied Galette Café!  I thought to myself – anyone who calls their establishment by that name is throwing down the gauntlet.  I checked the menu – Salted Caramel crepe!! Hello!!!  I walked in and requested a table – the server asked Andrew if he would like a menu in English, and when I said I would like one too – they said to me: Oh, but I thought you were French! Your accent is very good.  Cue warm, fuzzy, proud glow!!

Salted caramel crepe – BEST crepe in Paris!

I ordered the crepe – and Oh. My. Goodness.  Best crepe in Paris – Hands down!!!  Why do we discover these things on our last day?!  Probably so you – my wonderful readers will have the inside track when you go there!  It was a brilliant way to finish up in Paris.

The details:
Galette Café
2, rue l’Université
75007  Paris, France

We wandered back to our hotel – had our showers and just as we had started 20 days ago, set off with our luggage in tow.   After a short detour getting lost at the Denfert-Rochereau metro station – when we were after the RER station (a trick for new players) – we hopped on our last train and headed out to the airport.

Au revoir Paris, au revoir Le France!  Nous avons passé un extraordinaire temps.  We will be back…