France – Jour 17 – Part 2

Dinner at Chez Hippeau

Amboise town centre

Dinner tonight was up to us… so we headed out of the hotel into the little town of Amboise… walked about 200 metres and promptly turned back around to pick up a map.  This town maybe little – but navigating it after only half a day there (most of mine spent in the bed) – was a little challenging.  We worked out where the town centre was and ambled in the right direction.  It was a good thing we went for the map because we had been originally headed completely the wrong way relying our intuition!

Bigot Chocolatier & Patisserie

Chocolatey delights… can you see me through the window making my selections?

Amboise is such a gorgeous little French town!  Our first stop: Le Pharmacie.  More medicine was needed!   After that – we had to visit Madame Bigot, the local chocolatier!  Good thing they were across the road from each other (you can actually see the pharmacy’s neon sign reflected in Madame Bigot’s window). I wanted to make a few selections and this would be my only chance – I love that the shops are open so late in France! We had until 7:30pm to make selections (I didn’t need that much time!).  €50 of chocolate bought – I looked much better.  Ahh… the restorative power of chocolate.

My hint for this place – get the salted caramel.  I ordered a mixture of chocolates, but this one was by far the best (a little fact I found out after I got home).  Dark chocolate full of oozy, runny, salted caramel!!!  I wished my whole box was those salted caramel ones!  Delicious!

Looking better already – the therapeutic power of chocolate!

After umming and ahhing we decided on Chez Hippeau.  Simple and straightforward was what we were after, and this looked like it would fit the bill.  We skipped entrées and went straight to mains (I had my eye on one of the desserts!).

Chez Hippeau Burger and Fries

For his main, Andrew had a hamburger. Pretty standard fare – and he’d had better chips, but it hit the spot.

Duck with rose sauce and vegetables

For my main, I ordered the duck with a rosé sauce which came with a parsley mousse (not a patch on the one we had at Domaine des Hauts de Loire), and some potatoes dauphinoise.  It was not too bad – although they clearly could have rested the duck a bit more before serving it – look at all the juices on the plate!

Fried Brioche with salted caramel sauce

And now for the pièce de résistance!  Fried brioche with salted caramel sauce.  Coming to Chez Hippeau was worth it for this dish alone.  I did add some extra salt to add some extra zing – but overall the dish was absolutely delicious.

We ambled back to our hotel – we only had one night here before continuing on our Loire Valley adventure… I wonder what tomorrow would hold?