France – Jour 15 – Part 1… continued

Duvine Loire Valley Cycling Adventure – Day 1 Addendum

Oh dear…. I forgot to tell you if I managed to complete all 51 km of the ride!   Thanks to all the faithful readers who pointed this out – you know who you are!

And the good news is… Yay!!  Yes I did.   Here are the stats….

Distance:  50.79km  Elevation: 49.7m

Now, I know this graph looks like there were some serious hills.  However, you need to know that it was quite flat – and the stats attest to it.  50m of elevation gain over 50km basically means for every kilometre of riding, we only had to cycle a gradient (on average) of 0.1%!!  It doesn’t really get much flatter than that!  Although there were hills and dales – as you can see.  All in all, a great day on the bike.   I think the terrain of the Loire Valley suits me better – I’m at my best on the flat (although you should see me on the downhill!!).

Now… I promise…. the next post will be about dinner…