France – Jour 14 – Part 2

Dinner at L’Hédoniste

Tonight we just wanted somewhere relatively close where Andrew could get some Steak Frites! I figured that over the next week he would be subjected to a few Michelin starred dinners, and less flexible menus – so this one needed to last a little while.

Our lovely host Alex suggested L’Hédoniste – which was less than half a kilometre from where we were staying.  We checked the online menu – there was steak with chips!  So, we were on!

L’Hédoniste is a restaurant with a cave (cellar) attached – so the wine list was very impressive.  Given we were now all informed about wines and their designations, we bravely chose an Aloxe-Corton burgundy – from Beaune, one of the places we had just spent a couple of nights in.  The restaurant automatically decants your wine – you’ve got to love that!

Amuse bouche

We were presented with a little amuse bouche to start proceedings – which in this case was a little choux pastry with some salmon, crème fraiche and dill mixed through.  It was a delicious little morsel – I really am enjoying this vie francais (French lifestyle)!

Terrine de campagne et son marbré de foie gras avec chutney banane, kiwi

For his entrée, Andrew selected the terrine – this was good and meaty.  He didn’t really get into the banana and kiwi chutney – and I have to admit, it’s a little more avant garde than other chutneys I’ve seen.   We used the foie gras to butter our bread!!  Let’s face it – that’s what it is – goose flavoured fat, so it works quite well like that. 

Brunoise de saumon gravelax, vinaigrette à l’orange avec le tartine de pain cuit au feu de bois

I decided to go raw and ordered the salmon gravlax that had been diced and served on a toasted piece of brioche.  There was a delicious orange vinaigrette that complemented it, and it was topped with lots of fresh dill.  To be honest, I found the bread a little detracting – so I actually ended up leaving it behind.  The salmon was just lovely by itself and didn’t need it.

Grillade de bœuf avec frites des Hédonistes (quartiers de pommes de terre z
cuitent dans la graisse de canard)

Naturally for his main, Andrew ordered steak – and also ordered it à point (medium – now that we know how to say it!). Grillade just means grilled beef, so we’re not sure what cut this was – but he was pretty happy.  The chips were quarters of potatoes that have been cooked in duck fat!  Not bad – and it came with a lovely jus.  Not his usual eye fillet – but it hit the spot.

Rouleau de volaille au Sainte-Maure et estragon avec velouté de morilles

I saw the magic words velouté de morilles and knew immediately that I was going to order this dish.  I didn’t care what it came with – creamy smooth mushroom sauce! I was in.  It came with some lovely roast chicken served with tarragon, and a lovely timbale of zucchini.  It was delicious but I would have loved a bit more mushroom power…

By this stage, we were completely full – so we weren’t even going to flirt with the dessert menu!  We paid l’addition and started our short walk home.   We meandered down the street and saw that St Gatien was beautifully lit up for the evening – photo opportunity!

La Cathedrale St Gatien – at night

Tomorrow – we get on the road to Blois to start our Loire Valley adventure!  Let the good times roll…

Details: L’Hedoniste Restaurant Caviste
16 Rue Lavoisier, 37000, Tours, France