France – Jour 13 – Part 1

Duvine Day 6 & Road trip – Burgundy to Tours

Bye-bye Burgundy!  And… Bernard Loiseau.

Alas – there wasn’t really a lot to do on Day 6 except pack our bags, have a quick breakfast and then bid Au Revoir to Bernard Loiseau.  We had to drop most of the tour guests off at the Montbard train station so they could catch their 10:00am train – while Vincent dropped us off at the Hertz car rental (which was like trying to find a needle in a haystack). 

Team Burgundy (L to R): Deb, Lisa, Mary, Andrew, Stephanie, Helen, Barry, Kristen, Rob & June 
(Lynn, Vincent & Adam were taking photos)

We didn’t even have time to do any last group photos!  So, I thought I’d grab the last group photo we took at the end of the big group ride the day before.

Then it was time for us to hit the road in our car.  Andrew was driving – which was probably the best because driving on the other side of the road is a stressful thing – add in French road signs, and the fact that we didn’t have a map or a GPS – and it becomes an adventure!

Thankfully – Vincent and the Hertz man were able to give us a few directions to the A6.  Once we got onto the freeway – we were alright.  I think we did well – only taking one wrong turn, and then not realising how to put the car in reverse – challenges which we overcame!

Now, being a road trip – I have to do some obligatory road trip photos!

Fields of Burgundy

Perhaps the last of the vendange…?

Burgundy Villages

From the A6 to the A10 – we were on our way

Ahhh… the serenity

The roadside restaurant over the road!

Road, field and sky

Not long to go now… Tours here we come…

At our lunch stop we managed to find a map of Tours and plotted our way to our B&B – thankfully, the rental car drop off was only about 4 blocks from there, so after we dropped off our bags – we got rid of the stressful car and then settled in for a couple of nights.

Tonight we were going to try one of our host’s favourite restaurants – Chez Mao in downtown Tours…  it seemed a strange name for a Thai restaurant – but we’ll give it a go…. 

What we found out was that it was a lot more diverse than that….  but you’ll have to wait until the next post.