France – Jour 11 – Part 2

Dinner at La Cabotte

So, after our exciting day at the Gaugry cheese factory, eating lunch with the harvesters at Maison Joseph Drouhin, and walking around a wet Dijon – we were clearly ready for another indulgent dinner!!   Tonight we were going to a restaurant in Nuits-Saint-Georges which was a Duvine favourite…

We were lucky enough to score a private room with a huge table upstairs – and it was lovely to be sitting altogether. Not always possible with a group of 15 people… I particularly enjoyed the part where the guides weren’t at the table (they were parking the van or something) and we were trying to interpret the menu ourselves with our very broken French!  Lots of laughs…  surely mijoté is French for mojito… no wonder I was getting excited!

Amuse Bouche

Firstly, a gorgeous amuse bouche – which to be perfectly honest, I cannot remember!!  I’m sure it was lovely though… this is the downside of writing my blog after a few days!!

Oeuf cuit à 63°, chorizo et bisque de moules de Bouchot

Andrew elected to have the 63° cooked egg with chorizo, and a bisque of mussels.  He really liked it, although the egg was probably not cooked for 63 minutes (à la Cumulus Inc in Melbourne) – so the yolk was still very runny, rather than gelled – but it was still good. 

Risotto crémeux, poêlée d’escargots, jus d’herbes et espuma à l’ail doux

I elected to have the risotto with escargot – not necessarily because I like snails (in fact, I confess I left most of them at the bottom of the dish – qu’elle horreur) but because I was craving some risotto.  It was an absolutely brilliant dish – even without the snails!

Dos de cabillaud, fenouil croquant et sauce curry

For his main, Andrew chose to have the cod fillet with crumbed fennel and curry sauce.  The sauce was really good – and the fish was nice.  It appears that the French love their cod – it seemed to appear on almost every menu that we saw. 

Quasi de veau cuit rosé, mijoté de coco de Paimpol et champignons

I am a sucker for anything that lists mushrooms as one of its ingredients – this was veal cooked pink, served with slow cooked white beans and mushrooms.  It was really beautiful – the veal was tender, and the mushrooms were delicious.  I’m not a huge bean lover – but the ones I ate were pretty good.  I confess though, it was another situation where I left some beans on my plate.  BTW – mijoté didn’t mean mojito at all… it means simmered or slow cooked!

And of course, some lovely local red wine to go with everything…

Assiette de fromages (fromagerie Hess)

And just because we hadn’t had enough cheese today… we had a cheese course!! Oooh la la!! That’s the third cheese course we’ve had today – I think we have to eat our annual allowance over the 18 days that we’re in France!!  Don’t even make me do the math…!

Biscuit coolant au caramel beurre sale et glace vanilla

Hello!! Salted Caramel!!  I didn’t need to look further down the menu!  Salted caramel is very maintenant in France at the moment (very now).  It’s everywhere – I couldn’t be happier!

And just so you know how it turned out when you broke into that little mound of goodness.  What more can I say… sublime!!  There are no words…

Lisa, Tom and our guide, Adam

We had a lovely time at La Cabotte!  A fantastic evening where we could chat and party across the table and there was lots of animated conversations. When we were leaving the restaurant – a table of locals bowled us up (although one guy probably wasn’t a local as he was talking to in what appeared to be his first language, English). 

They were fascinated about our bike tour – and wanted to know how we’d managed to stumble upon the best restaurant in Nuits-Saint-Georges being outsiders!! I guess that’s testimony to Duvine ferretting out the best dinners to be had in Burgundy!

We had one more day left of our tour… and one more dinner to enjoy… let’s hope the weather would be better for our last riding day…