Storming the Bastille… Lunch at Bistro Vue

I might have mentioned that I’m catching up on a bit of blogging at the moment… In most cases, dear readers, you probably wouldn’t know how far behind schedule I am – except that menus change, and seasonal ingredients aren’t available anymore.  So a diligent reader with a penchant for investigation may work up some sort of a hypothesis, but may never know exactly.  However, in this post, the extent of my tardiness is a dead giveaway – because it’s about Bastille Day lunch at Bistro Vue – 14 July!!  That’s right people – just over two months ago!!  But the way I see it – we’re now that much closer to Bastille Day 2013 – so I’m really doing you a favour, and giving you a heads up for your planning for next year. 

Bistro Vue has a Bastille Day event every year. Last year, they collaborated with Australian Gourmet Traveller to have a readers’ dinner which was absolutely amazing.  So, iMac, the gorgeous AT, and I had already committed to go again this year, and waited in anticipation for it to be announced.  Given Bastille Day fell on a Saturday this year, Bistro Vue opted to hold a lunch rather than a dinner – which suited us fine.  They had set up the function room beautifully, and popped a trés Francais 4 piece band in the atrium.

When I arrived I was very relieved to see the dining room set up with individual tables – rather than pool us altogether for communal dining.  I only say this because at the last event I attended in that room, set up with large communal tables – you could barely hear your neighbour speak!! So this intimate dining setting was much better.

Sardines on Toast

Steak Tartare

We were presented two gorgeous serves of amuse bouche – the sardines on toast were beautiful and not too fishy at all.  While the steak tartare was divine – I have such a weakness for this chopped raw steak dish!

Premiére Entrée
Tête de cochon

Head cheese – it just doesn’t sound right,does it?  So much better sounding in French!  And it was beautiful – delicate and tender, delicious! 

NV Louis Bouillot Rose de Presse

We started with a gorgeous sparking Rosé, which the lovely AT immediately fell in love with and instructed me to take a photo of the bottle.  I wonder if Dan Murphy’s stocks it…?

Deuxieme Entrée
Scallops, veal sweetbreads, parsley puree
2010 Hugel Gewurztraminer

The scallops were perfectly cooked, and served with a beautifully luscious and vibrant parsley puree.  I’m not a big fan of offal, but managed to finish the sweetbreads – thank goodness for crumbing and deep-frying!!

Assiette of rabbit
2009 Domaine Bruno Clair Marsannay Les Vaudenelles

For mains we had a choice of rabbit or lamb pot au feu!  iMac chose the rabbit which she absolutely adored. 

Lamb pot au feu
2009 Domaine Bruno Clair Marsannay Les Vaudenelles

Both AT and I chose the lamb pot au feu.  How could you resist the lull of slow braised lamb in a stunning jus, topped with pastry.  Life just doesn’t get any better!  However, the jus was so over-salted (and I love my salt) – that it detracted considerably from the promise of the dish – of which all other elements were sublime.  Wonderfully soft chunks of lamb, tender pieces of carrot, and a crunchy top of pastry. 

The sides were brilliant and of course we adored the Paris mash! 

Orange and Chocolate
1998 Château d’Arche Sauternes

What a way to finish – with a gorgeous piece of theatre at the table (not unlike Peter Gilmore’s chocolate layer cake most recently seen in an early Masterchef episode).  The luscious, rich mousse was perfumed with orange, and we used the puff pastry batons to indulgently scoop up the chocolately goodness.

Petit fours ~ Canelles

Even though we didn’t have room for petit four (and almost missed out) – we made sure we had these gorgeous baked custard delights.  Gorgeously moist and delicious.

One of the other reasons my blog post on Bastille day is so late – is because I thought it would be fitting post to publish before I launch into my French adventures.  That’s right people – we’re off to France – the land of fine cuisine – to storm the Bastille ourselves, spending time in the capital, and then cycling through Burgundy and the Loire Valley.  It’s a hard life!!  So stay tuned for our travelling adventures – the next post will be from Paris avec l’amour!

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