Noodle Kingdom – Cheap and Cheerful

Living in the CBD we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cheap and cheerful Asian places to eat.  Andrew had wanted me to try Noodle Kingdom for a while, having enjoyed the food here at a work lunch.  I am a very noodle loving girl – so I was happy to give it a go. 


Pork pot stickers

We started with some pan fried pot stickers which were really unusual – the pork mince had been cooked before being encased in a fresh, thickish noodle wrapper.  Excuse the Aussie in me – but it was like a meat pie dumpling, not a bad thing for my meat pie loving other half.  Quite enjoyable – and a generous serve of 6 per order, which somehow we managed to finish.


Shanghai Noodles

I decided to give the Shanghai Noodles a try – all the noodles in this restaurant are handmade which give them that lovely slightly resistant bite.  The noodles are smattered generously with sliced shitake mushrooms, pork, and Asian greens.  To be honest, the noodles were a little slick with oil – but they tasted so good I didn’t care. 


Beef Skewers

My other half enjoyed the beef skewers served with a generous heaping of fried onion (his favourite vegetable), chilli and peanuts.  He was pretty happy – feed the man meat and all!

Overall – I was pleasantly surprised by Noodle Kingdom (so much so I’ve been back for more of those Shanghai Noodles).  The only downside would be that they could be a little lighter on the oil, but that seems to be the way with noodle dishes.  And there’s just something delicious about handmade noodles that call you back.  Noodle Kingdom may not be fine dining – but it’s cheap and cheerful, and sometimes that’s all you need.

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