Breakfast at The Millswyn

Bubblezz and I have a custom – we always have breakfast together sometime in August to celebrate our birthdays.  This year – given we’re both working in the desert-like surrounds of St Kilda Road we scratched our heads for a location.  She was struck by inspiration – and said: The Millswyn!

Now, technically the Millswyn is not on St Kilda Road – it’s on Domain Road opposite the Royal Botanical Gardens.  But this is still in great proximity of our office.  The restaurant sits on the site formerly known as Lynch’s, and has been beautifully made over resulting in a great vibe, with fresh colours and a modern fit out.  Hmmm… and maybe the ban on babies has gone too….

The morning we went – it was rather quiet.  In fact, being the first ones to arrive – we received prompt attention and were ushered to a special table (well… we did make a booking!) with a beautiful view of the park across the road. 

One thing I have to say about the Millswyn – the coffee is particularly good. I do remember asking our wait person what brand they use – but can’t remember what he said.  Other sources reveal that they apparently use a single origin roaster in Sydney… it doesn’t really matter – but the coffee is good.

Ricotta pancakes with apple and honeycomb

Alas, I couldn’t say the same for my pancakes – it was almost as though they had too much ricotta in them.  They just didn’t hold together at all – it was like eating soft pasty ricotta that had been pan fried.  It was a real shame – what a waste of a pancake opportunity.  The honeycomb butter was OK – but was rock hard, and over the course of the dish seemed a little skimpy.  The addition of the sliced apple was a lovely thought – but pancakes and raw apple??? 

Corn fritters with poached eggs, green tomato relish, watercress

Bubblezz ordered the corn fritter and reported that it was lovely.  She particularly fell in love with the green tomato relish – and may have been hoping that a jar could have been brought to the table where it might have accidentally fallen into her handbag.  Alas, it did not.  I might also point out the error of the menu which promises fritters (plural) – not that one wasn’t enough – but let’s get it right…

Overall, I’m afraid I was a bit disappointed with the Millswyn – which is a real shame as it’s one of the most gorgeous restaurants I’ve been in for some time.  It was light filled and stunning, with lots of attention to detail and great design features.  They’ve gone for a Cape Cod look that just really works, with gorgeous furniture and fittings. 

I think I would be prepared to give them another go – perhaps to try something different the next time around – and hopefully, we’ll hit the right thing to order.  And of course…  the coffee was good!

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