Movida Aqui – Amazing Raciones!

Great friend Saxophonist C was in town from Brisbane – I love it when she’s in town – we have a blast. She was in the mood for tapas – so on a whim I thought, let’s see if there’s a spot at Movida Aqui!  Luck was on our side – and a table for two for an early dinner was secured.

Being the out of towner – Saxy C had a tiny bit of difficulty realising where Movida Aqui was – given the address is actually for the NAB building out the front of Bourke Street. But she soon found the bright red signage down the laneway and we convened for our tapas feast!!

What to drink? What to drink?  After perusing the wine list – we decided a large jug of sangria was the way to go.  And it was brilliant – very quaffable, and gorgeous. We were served some complimentary bread while we waited for the feast to begin!

Anchoa ~ Hand filleted Cantabrian Artisan Anchovy on Crouton with Smoked Tomato Sorbet

Of course we had to order the signature tapas dish that Movida is so well known for – the anchovy toasts with tomato sorbet.  The icy freshness of the sorbet provides a refreshing foil to the salty anchovy and crispy crouton.

Bomba ~ Catalan potato bomb filled with chorizo

Another signature dish – famously profiled on Masterchef in a cook off between Marion and Frank Camorra!  Lovely crispy croquettes of soft potato with a rich chorizo filling.

Cordoniz con Kikos ~ Grilled jumbo quail filled with duck liver parfait, served with sweet corn puree and toasted corn

Fabulous dish – so delicious I think both of us said we could have eaten it all by ourselves rather than share!!  The quail was beautifully prepared, and had a rich parfait filling.  But it was the corn puree and the toasted crunchy corn bits on top that stole the show.  Absolutely splendid.

Carrillera de buey ~ Slowly braised beef cheek in Pedro Xeminez on Caulflower puree

As far as I’m concerned – this is a must order dish. The slow braised beef just melts in the mouth, and the Pedro Xeminez jus is plentiful and rich, while the puréed cauliflower adds a smooth creaminess to proceedings.  Warning: This is a dish where you ascend to dining nirvana!!

Churrasco ~ Berkshire pork fillet cooked over charcoal and served with mojo picon and salsa verde

Just one more dish…. Oh OK!  If we must! So we ordered this pork fillet – and it was also amazing!  Tender, juicy pork cooked to perfection – served with some roasted peppers and a sweet red pepper puree, with salsa verde on the side adding a real kick of lemony, herby goodness.  Absolutely delicious!

We had just enough time to order dessert – but not enough for churros apparently.  Being on the early sitting means you have to move pretty quickly through your meal.  Again, given it’s been a while since Saxy C and I caught up – we did spend a bit of time gas bagging rather than thinking about what to order and might have been a little slow off the mark.  As a result – we had a little pressure put on us by the wait staff at the end of the meal.  No churros for you!!!  So we had to pick from a couple of pre-prepared options…

Sopa Inglese ~ Quince & Pedro Xeminez Trifle with Crème Catalan and Almonds

Saxy C had the Sopa Inglese – and raved about it.  I avoided it because trifle generally has jelly in it – but not this one, it was more like a quince puree.  She was very happy.

Flan ~ Crème Caramel served with pestinos

My crème caramel flan was lovely – smooth and rich, and plenty big enough.  I struggled towards the end – but you’ll be proud of me!  I did finish it!!  I managed to leave the pestinos though – to me they were a little unnecessary.

Overall, everything was fantastic – although I have to say the main dishes were the winners for me.  Next time I come – I might just skip over the “tapas clasicas” and get straight to the main event – the “raciones”, etc.  These were the dishes that I absolutely melted and swooned over, and would love to have again because they were so mouth-wateringly gorgeous!

Saxy C and I had enjoyed a brilliant night – we got talking to a lovely couple from Tasmania who were sitting next to us – and they said that they come to Melbourne fairly regularly – and they don’t bother going anywhere else – they love Movida so much. I can understand why they keep coming back – but did consider it my duty to give them a few Dining Nirvana tips to other great places in the city – just so they could spread their wings.

I have to admit – it’s been awhile since I’ve been to Movida – and I have to say – this could be the one that has come the closest to my Jaleo experience in Washington!!  Maybe it’s the magic of sangria!!

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