Villanova Coffee Company in West… North…West Melbourne..

This is a tiny café in the midst of West Melbourne – just a stone’s throw from the North Melbourne station.  Don’t ask me why…. but the North Melbourne station is actually in West Melbourne.  Maybe they’re trying to gentrify it by stealth?

Anyway… in my quest to find some decent lunch places in the area, great friend T-Bird met me for coffee here.   The frontage is quite deceptive, as there is quite a decent inside seating area– but we chose to sit outside and enjoy the fresh Melbourne day.

The coffee was decent, but not my favourite for the area.  In terms of lunch offerings, there didn’t seem to be a lot.  There was a pie warmer with some good looking pies – Boscastle from memory, and there were a range of wraps and sandwiches. 

T-Bird recommended the Chicken Tandoori wrap – so I got that toasted and have to admit it was pretty nice. The chicken was tender, and inside the wrap there was also some carrot couscous and spinach – breaking up the protein and carbohydrate party.  Overall, it was an OK lunch.

Café Villanova is not one to go out of your way for, but if you work in the area, it’s a good option with fresh and tasty food.

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