Willy Wonka’s Workshop – L’Atelier by Monsieur Truffe

Monsieur Truffe must have taken his inspiration from Willy Wonka.  Who else would think of stuffing a warehouse full of decadent and delicious goodies – and a machine that makes chocolate??  It is an Aladdin’s cave, filled with so much temptation – what were we thinking going there!!?   But go there we did – and temptation won!

Of course – I will fall back on my old excuse of always searching for the world’s best pancakes.  Monsieur Truffe had a contender that, on paper at least, looked promising. 

We ordered, and while we waited, my friend Row (from SheRidesCycling) was caught perusing the many chocolate delights on offer.

Lemon ricotta pancakes with berries and hazelnut praline

They certainly looked the part – and they were pretty delicious. The pancakes were moist and studded with ricotta.  The lemon was not really discernible, but that may have been because of the generous topping of macerated berries and a gorgeous cream that had been whipped and lovingly scattered with shattered and crumbly praline.  The pancakes weren’t up there in the top 5 – but they do get an honourable mention and were quite enjoyable.

I followed with a wonderful mocha!  I don’t drink hot chocolate – so this is as close as it gets.  But here at Monsieur Truffe, the mochas are ethereally good.  Just ask anyone who has just had a hit of creamy quality coffee generously lavished with molten chocolate! Oh my goodness.

What about my great friend Row?  Was it time for a healthy option?

Iced chocolate AND Tartine chocolate with milk chcolate

Hell no!  Not when you can have chocolate on toast!!! Hello!!!  Warning: Please do not try this at home.   To be honest – it was extremely indulgent.  Row didn’t manage to put too much of a dent in iced chocolate.  But she did finish of that tartine.   I reckon the optional salt would have helped all that sweetness go down.

Monsieur Truffe is a great place to have breakfast – the menu is chock-a-block with lots of options: eggs galore, black pudding, tapioca (I must get that next time), granola, bagels, and bien sur, croque monsieur.  And then of course, there’s the chocolate on toast!  Brilliant!

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