Roller Door

Roller Door has a bit of a reputation in West Melbourne – so I was keen to try it out.  About 10 minutes’ walk from my office, I was thinking it might be the next big thing for me.

We started with coffee and it was really good. These guys use organic produce wherever possible, and that includes the coffee.  It tasted smooth and rich.

Like many cafés in the area – there is a fairly limited lunch menu, and on this day there were only four different types of ciabatta rolls to choose from.  The girls I was eating with were very keen on the chicken one, so guided by their expertise, I ordered it.   As did they!  Alas, there was only enough chicken for two.  At 12:30pm???!! – What’s going on boys?  T-Bird took the hit and ordered the bacon and avocado one.

Free range poached chicken with house made mayo, spring onion, celery & lettuce

Yummy – soft, fresh ciabatta with moist chicken – complemented by the mayo, cos lettuce and celery and spring onion combo. It was a winner… now I know why they’ve run out.  People must grab one on the way into work!

Free range bacon, avocado, tomato, house made mayo & lettuce

Talk about plate envy – how good does this ciabatta look?  It had great layering of all the good stuff: bacon, avocado, tomato, mayo and lettuce.  Freshly made it had that great bacon aroma – and the avocado looks smooth and creamy.

Roller Door offers an amazing breakfast menu – and has wider variety on the weekends when it’s clearly catering for the overflow local North Melbourne crowd. It’s a little out of the way place – but its size is a little deceptive as they have a cute courtyard that they’ve commandeered as they’ve grown more popular.  This one’s definitely worth a visit… I feel it might be a weekend breakfast next time.   So stay tuned….

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