Fleur Depot de Pain

Fleur Depot de Pain
452 St Kilda Road (entry via Arthur Street)
Melbourne VIC  3004
03 9039 1122

I started a new job recently which has been fantastic – but the only downside is that the office is down St Kilda Road… you know… that barren strip of commerce and business, devoid of culture and gastronomy.  At least it was the last time I looked…   The upside is, however, that my new colleagues are all self-confessed foodies!  So, if there’s any remote possibility of decent food in our part of this desert – they’ll know about it.

The other day a couple of us decided to venture out for lunch – and the gorgeous Ms P (who’s been to the Fat Duck – so is no slouch when it comes to good food) suggested we head down to the Blackman Hotel – where Fleur Depot du Pain resides.  Although it sounds like a café the Marquis de Sade might frequent… it’s actually a bakery and patisserie, serving some good French fare.

Nicoise Salade with confit tuna and soft egg

Vacillating between the gnocchi and the nicoise salad – I decided to be “good” and opted for the salad.  It was really lovely (although for some reason I was expecting seared tuna – which I think would have been so much better).  The salad was really tasty: beautiful fresh leaves of lettuce, delicious (although I warn you – garlicky) dressing, moist flaked tuna, gorgeous googy eggs, tender beans, tasty olives.  All good!  And… it was really filling.

Steak Tartare, Quail Egg, Watercress Salade, Frites

The gorgeous Ms P had the steak tartare, which was a significantly serious sized portion! She reported that it was excellent.  Although – with a serve that size, I would have preferred a full size yolk, rather than a quail’s one. In fact, it was so big that she didn’t finish it! This dish also came with a side serve of frites – so is a decent meal.

Omelette aux herbes fines et chevre

Lovely SJ opted for a chevre omelette with some additional herbs.  She really liked it, reporting that it had just the right levels of firmness versus softness. She also reported that the chevre was a beautiful, soft, rich cheese that really complemented the egg. It looked fresh and delicious, and would be perfect for a light meal – morning or night!

We finished off with coffees.  The cups they serve here are quite small though – so my traditional ¾ flat white resembled a short black!  Although it was strong – it wasn’t bitter at all, tasting very smooth and seamless. Perfect.

Fleur Depot de Pain is a very popular lunch spot – and with good reason.  The food is delicious – and I look forward to sampling more of their offerings in the days to come.  They look like they do a pretty good breakfast too… so I’ll definitely check that out at some stage.  There may be hope people… here’s to the discovery of more gems in the St Kilda Road precinct!  If you’ve got any hints – let me know…

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