Duchess of Spotswood – a slice of dining nirvana in the west

Duchess of Spotswood
87 Hudson Road
Spotswood  VIC  3015
03 9391 6016

I love the Duchess of Spotswood – in fact, I declare it to be a slice of Dining Nirvana on the western side of Melbourne.  And after this last breakfast here – I’m even more of a fan!  But, I get ahead of myself.  Let me go back a little…

Row, from She Rides Cycling, wanted to do a test run for the Cyclo Femme ride which is happening this coming Sunday – Mothers’ Day.  The day we did our test run was Easter Sunday (I know!!   I am woefully behind on my blogging) – so there wasn’t a lot open (including Pint of Milk – our destination for the She Rides Cycling Melbourne Cyclo Femme ride).  However, the lovely Duchess of Spotswood was open – so on our way back, we stopped in there for a bite of breakfast!  You can just spy the back end of Daphne, Row’s new yellow vintage bike, in the pic above….

The menu is a little eclectic – reflecting Andrew Gale’s and Graeme Nutt’s UK heritage – there is fish, there is black pudding, there is sausages and eggs – it’s just a little bit different from the usual menus dominated by eggs benedict and fruit salad (which I generally avoid like the plague!).  And the names of the dishes are gorgeous – injecting a little bit of fun into proceedings.

Prince of Wales ~ House- smoked salmon with horseradish yoghurt,
poached eggs, and grilled potato bread

Lovely Row had the Prince of Wales – smoked salmon served like you’ve never seen it served before – in a gorgeous fillet, accompanied by perfectly poached googey eggs (as demonstrated in the pic), some lovely grilled potato bread, a nice, fresh watercress salad to balance out the richness from the salmon and yolks – and a little something on the side – fabulous field mushrooms.  Absolutely divine!   It was so brilliant that Row began chastising me for not telling her about the Duchess sooner!  In fact… I’ll let you in on a little secret – she loved it so much, she’s gone back there with the boyfriend this morning!!!

Breakfast special 2 ways!  Soft polenta, pork sausages, onion gravy, poached egg, sourdough toast
L: Helen’s version – minus the egg (donated to Andrew), plus mushrooms
R: Andrew’s version – plus egg that Helen gave to him

Both Andrew and I opted for the daily special – but I gave him my poached egg, and added some mushies to the side.  For me, this dish was heaven.  I know polenta and sausages sounds like a dinner dish – but it was FANTASTIC for breakfast!! The polenta was soft, creamy, smooth and gorgeous!  The sausage and onions with pan juices were just the right level of richness to cut through the creaminess of the polenta, and the mushrooms added a real nutty earthiness to the dish!  A sign of how good it was… I’ve been craving it ever since!!!

So, the Duchess of Spotswood is definitely a slice of Dining Nirvana. They’re also open for dinner on some nights as well – which I must check out!  In the meantime – they do a brilliant breakfast. Although… there’s a little part of me that wants to keep it a secret – it’s so good!  Now… I wonder if I can convince them to put that special on as a regular breakfast dish….

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