Chin Chin – Revisited!

Chin Chin
125 Flinders Lane
Melbourne  VIC  3000
03 8663 2000
Open: 7 days  11am til late

Earlier this month I had a brilliant opportunity to have lunch with a girlfriend – and we chose Chin Chin!  You just can’t go wrong there… the food is always so lush and great! It has a great vibe, and yes – it does get really busy – but they’re just churning out such amazing food and drinks, you can understand why!  I have already reviewed Chin Chin (see here) – but given we tried some different things this time around… I thought you might be interested…

We started off with a couple of cocktails – absolutely delicious!!  Mine, on the left, was a lemongrass something-or-other.  It absolutely hit the spot! Perfection.  I’m not sure what the amiable Ms A had – but she seemed to enjoy it.  I’m afraid my trip to the US (with its amazingly cheap cocktails) has started a bit of a bad habit for me… just love them!!

Steamed Gail Lan & Sesame with Asian Mushrooms, Oyster Sauce, Ginger with a side serve of Roti Bread

Ms A is always a light eater – so she opted for some steamed vegetables.  Our waiter wasn’t satisfied with her choice though – and put a bit of pressure on her to have the Roti Bread as well.  He just didn’t seem to understand that she really just wanted steamed vegies.  She ended up ordering the bread to assuage him, but she didn’t really eat it in the end!!  That was slightly bizarre – but I can appreciate he was just looking out for her – but perhaps if the customer insists a couple of times, maybe they know what they want.

Mandarin Duck Salad

I decided to go for the duck salad – and it was amazing.  What is it about Thai flavours that make your mouth water so much??  The salad was fresh, lively and jumping with fresh mint, coriander and other herbs;  the dressing was balanced sweet and salty, a little bit of sour, and a touch of heat – so fantastic.  And the duck – the duck was amazing! Crispy skinned, tender flesh – so good!

Chin Chin keeps rocking Melbourne – if you haven’t been yet – get to it.  Especially if you’re happy to eat a little earlier to beat the crowds (and by early I mean get there by 11:45am for lunch, and 5:00pm for dinner) – you won’t have to wait.  And while the service is fast – they don’t pressure you to turn over the table – so you can take your time.   There’s always the Go-Go Bar to have a few pre-dinner drinks if you do have to wait.  But just go – the food is amazing!

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