Breezes at Crown

Level 3 Crown Towers
Crown Entertainment Complex
Whiteman Street
Melbourne  VIC  3000
03 9292 6896

We hadn’t been out for dinner with most excellent friends R & T for some time, and given T was about to do his Dive with the Sharks at the Melbourne Aquarium (a gift from his lovely other half – R) – we thought that – if he survived, we should go out for dinner.

We opted for Breezes for a few reasons – first, it’s close to the aquarium; second, it was in the Entertainment book – so we thought we may as well enjoy the discount; and third, if you can get a seat by the window, the hourly Crown fire show would be fantastic from that height!  Alas, we didn’t get a seat near the window (you probably have to book months in advance for those)… so we had to be content with the discount and its proximity to the aquarium!

Pumpkin Soup

Both of the boys opted for the soup of the day which was pumpkin… however, it was the most insipid, thin, and watery pumpkin soup we had ever seen.  This soup had no viscosity to it – it looked like orange water… bad, bad – FAIL big time.  C’mon – pumpkin soup is meant to be thick and creamy – the boys were not happy, and I was outraged by association!

A Taste of Breezes for Two

The lovely R and I decided to share the tasting plate and chose carefully from the options presented… clockwise from top left:  Grilled calamari with smoked eggplant purée, chorizo, tomato and parsley salad; Ricotta tortellini, sage butter and lemon olive oil, poached pear and pomegranate seeds; Seared scallops with summer heirloom tomato and thyme compote, olive tapenade; and, Wagyu carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise.  The dish was pleasant enough – and there were no surprises, but there were no standout dishes either.  My favourite was probably the tortellini…

Victorian Farms Tenderloin, served with spinach and jus

Both the boys opted for the steak – they’re such copycats!!  The steak was OK – cooked fairly well – but not a patch on a good gastropub steak! Check out Hotel Lincoln‘s or the Station Hotel‘s for a better steak (at a better price).

Pan roasted kingfish, cauliflower skordalia, grapes, pine nut dressing

The lovely R decided to have the pan roasted kingfish – and it looks to be a lovely dish!  If I remember correctly – the balance of flavours was quite good.

Pan-seared duck breast, yellow beets and asparagus, kaitifi pastry

My dish was the seared duck breast – which was quite fine, but maybe a little tough.  The kaitifi pastry provided an interesting textural feature to the dish, although no flavour – so I’m not sure how someone felt that it was an inspired element.  The vegetables were fine – but there was nothing here that lifted the dish from mediocrity.

On the whole – Breezes is a fairly pedestrian venue.  I guess it’s what you can expect from a soulless restaurant in a large casino complex.  The service was appallingly slow… in the end, I had to raise my hand (like a school kid) to get someone to get us the bill.  All this, while a strange suited man stood in the middle of the restaurant looking something like a bouncer… it was very wierd.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend dining here unless you’re stuck in the area and can’t be bothered venturing too far.  We would never go and pay full price….   and if you do want to catch that fire show make sure you book early… or just stay downstairs with the punters!

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