Small Block

Small Block
130 Lygon Street
Brunswick  VIC  3057
03 9381 2244
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Small Block has been on my list to check out for months now – they had pancakes – so up they went on the radar!  It’s an automatic thing…   So, one morning I grabbed the gorgeous Rowena from She Rides Cycling and we had breakfast there.

Mmm… the coffee is good here.

Ricotta pancakes with barbados cream and poached pear

Now, interestingly, reading the reviews on Urbanspoon – people had raved about these pancakes.  Alas – both Rowena and I found them disappointing – pretty average pancake, nicely aerated but nothing special. The cream was fine, and the poached pear was fresh – but there was nothing to rave about.  They certainly didn’t make it into my top 5.  Sorry Small Block.

Overall – Small Block didn’t rock my world.  It’s a great local café that has stood the test of time, and is clearly a favourite with the local hipsters as they kept pouring in the door!  Rowena wanted to make sure that I made special mention of the chairs – which are quite uncomfortable.  But they’re quirky you see – so you put up with them!  She wasn’t impressed.  Basically, I wouldn’t necessarily go back to Small Block – but I’m not a Brunswick local – they have clearly built up a loyal clientele and will continue to flourish.  My advice – check it out if you’re in the area – but don’t make a special trip, and don’t expect amazing things.  Although… the coffee is good!

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