Yum Cha at Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat
203 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne  3000
03 9662 2733

Ahhh….. yum cha!  Love it, love it, love it.  What’s not to love about prawns 237 different ways???  Dumplings in various forms and guises?? It’s all good.  Definitely one of my weaknesses – and while working on an assignment in the city with the gorgeous T-Bird recently, we decided to splurge!  But closeness to Swanston Street was the criteria – so, even though we both love Shark Finn Inn, we didn’t want to wander too far up Chinatown. We came across Dragon Boat and decided to check it out.  I have actually dined here on many ocassions, but not since they had completed their renovations (i.e., many years ago) – but thought of it as a pretty safe bet for yum cha.

Roast Pork Rice Noodle Rolls

One of my favourite yum cha dishes – especially when fresh.  These were a little overcooked and cool – resulting in a less than optimal eating experience.  The only solution – gobble it down quickly!!

Shark Fin Dumplings 

Thankfully there’s actually no shark fin in these dumplings any more – in fact, I believe that you’re not actually allowed to use it in dishes anymore.  When I asked what was in these dumplings – the waiter explained that the filling was exactly the same as what was in the shu mai!

Shu Mai

 These are a classic dumpling – pork and prawn filling (and apparently exactly the same as Shark Fin dumplings!)

Prawn in Rice Paper

Again – another favourite of mine. Especially when served with sweet plum sauce – delicious!  Unfortunately, this dish was stone cold!!!! Not happy Jan!!

Scallop Dumplings

Beautiful scallop dumplings – again, probably slightly overcooked.  But still delicious!

Prawn and chive dumplings

Another gorgeous example of prawns done 237 different ways – in this dumpling the garlic chives were quite strong.  I love them that way (thankfully I didn’t have any meetings in the afternoon!).

 Chicken feet

I have to say – the amazing T-Bird is a much more adventurous eater than me – and she loves chicken feet.  So, I told her to go for it. She made me have a tiny taste – but it was not compelling enough for me to go any further!

Steamed pork buns

 And – no visit to yum cha is complete without partaking of the steamed pork buns!! Delicate, soft, sweet dough wrapped around roast pork in an unctuous sauce – life’s good!  These weren’t too bad – pretty standard fare.

Overall, gorgeous T-Bird (who is a self confessed dumpling junkie) declared that Dragon Boat was an average place to go for Yum Cha.  Her favourite place is Shark Fin – preferably in Keysborough (post coming soon), but also at their restaurant at the top end of Little Bourke Street.

I certainly think they Dragon Boat could have done better – I know we got there about 1pm – which is a bit late for yum cha – but is that any excuse to serve cold dishes, or claggy dumplings?  Notwithstanding a couple of let downs, most dishes were fine albeit pretty standard for the precinct.

Where’s your favourite place for yum cha?

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