Pier 10

Pier 10
10 Shoreham Road
Shoreham  VIC  3916
03 5989 8848

Pier 10 is aptly named for a piece of old Flinders Pier that sits proudly out the front of the property!  The “10” comes from the road number… very prosaic!

We basically stumbled upon Pier 10 after visiting some wineries and trying to work out where we would go for lunch before heading home to Melbourne… we were randomly driving with our fall back position being we’ll go to the newly incarnated Flinders pub.  However, we passed Pier 10… and a quick review of the Melways indicated that this would be a far more convenient stop than heading all the way back out to Flinders.

Not quite knowing what to expect… we parked and found our way into the restaurant.  There’s a very generous indoor seating area, and a fabulous deck out the back… Inside there was a songstress singing the strains of Eva Cassidy and other mellow tunes, so we opted for the alfresco option which was a little quieter and where we could enjoy the view and fresh air.

The View

The menu was fairly limited with 5 choices for each of entrée, main and dessert – but I think that’s because the menu changes constantly.  We were there just for a quick lunch so opted to just have a main and a glass of wine.  So, we ordered and sat back to soak up the ambience…. and waited… and waited…

Now, look, I understand – it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon – I guess they’re expecting the punters to want to relax and unwind… and maybe I was really hungry… but it seemed to take forever for our food to come.  So, if you’re there, and you would like a bit faster service – just let them know.  I’m sure they would accommodate it.  Thankfully the food was nothing short of amazing… and was worth the wait!

Wagyu and celeriac pie with  fillet, pomme purée and porcini jus

This dish was completely different to what I was expecting – but it was delicious.  The meat in the pie was generous and tender, and topped with a suet short pastry that was melt in the mouth.  The beef fillet was tender and cooked to perfection – set atop that pomme purée, it was divine.  The only reason Andrew didn’t order this was the porcini jus – however, it didn’t taste of mushrooms at all, so I’m sure he would have been fine with it.   A really gorgeous dish!

Duck Ragu with Potato Gnocchi

Oh. My. Goodness.  This dish was a knockout.  I had “plate envy” big time!!  And it wasn’t like my dish was anything less than amazing anyway – but this gnocchi was drop dead fantastic. Even now… days later… my mouth is watering and I’m fighting an urge to jump in the car and drive the 90km to have this gnocchi!  I had a taste (of course) and it was melt in the mouth.  The duck was tender and moist, and had this gorgeous perfume to it – I’m not sure what it was (maybe some of the estate wine??) – but it was amazing!   Absolutely luscious.

Chef Steve Davidson says that they use what is available regionally and locally, and so they have an ever changing menu working with the local providores.  His experience includes working in the Michelin starred restaurant Roscoff in Northern Ireland – so it’s certainly a coup for Pier 10 to have him settled in the Mornington Peninsula… and a coup for us! The only concern I have is, given the constantly changing menu – will that duck gnocchi still be there next time I visit???   I hope so…  I also had my eye on the orange scented Sicilian ricotta doughnuts on the dessert menu!  All great things that deserve further exploration – so I will definitely be back!!

Some of the old Flinders Pier… still underwater (courtesy of Diving Nirvana… aka my hubby) 

Pier 10 is a gorgeous restaurant – the food was a complete surprise and I’m so glad we stumbled upon it.  They have a great lunch special during non-peak times of $30 for two courses (Thur – Sat, not including public holidays) – lucky locals! The food here is definitely worth going out of your way for, so I encourage you to put it on your wishlist for when you next visit the peninsula!

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