MFWF Wrap Up…. Part 2

Hi there peeps,

It’s been a couple of weeks since the MFWF ended… thankfully, there’s been a further flurry of further blog posts about various events so we can continue to enjoy (at least vicariously) for a little while longer.  Here’s my pick of the bunch…

For part 1, click here.

Since my last wrap up….

Agnes from Off The Spork wrote about Cocktails envelop the senses – the cocktail degustation that was held at Der Raum, arguably one of the world’s most cutting edge bars!  She left glad she’d tried it once, but wouldn’t necessarily be rushing back…  She also gives us a review of a number of Express lunches, including Express lunch at No. 35 (and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food there given it’s a “hotel restaurant”), as well as Express lunch at Embrasse, and Matteo’s (included in her weekly review, which also includes her thoughts on the Sweet and Sticky event held at Brunetti’s).  What a great effort Agnes!

April from My Food Trail was lucky to attend the First Ladies of Champagne Lunch event at Vue de Monde as a guest of Champagne Jayne herself.  This event sounded incredibly luscious and luxurious!  At $295 a pop (excuse the pun) it was one of the more indulgent events of the MFWF – but it looks like you could try some special, once in a lifetime champagnes with some absolutely gorgeous food.

Adrian from Food Rehab attended the Sher & the Chefs Gala, the TAXI Wine Legacy Dinner, and even went further afield than most of us in attending the Dandenong World Food Fair – you can check out his review of all events here.  I know the Taxi event was a long affair, because Adrian was tweeting well into the night!

Natalie adds to her growing MFWF portfolio by blogging on the Farm, Feathers & Fur Lunch at The Commoner here.   The Commoner is fast becoming a must-do for me, I keep hearing great things about it – Natalie felt the same and that’s why she jumped at the chance to visit during MFWF.  She describes the four course lunch in glowing terms, which for $110 seemed like good value.  Especially when you look at that brown ale pudding (drool).

Jo from Second Helping attended the Anglo French 100 Year War Dinner which was held at Fenix and found it all a bit over the top in favour of the chefs’ egos and commercialism.  Read all about her experience here.  She later attended one of the Crawl and Bite progressive dinners, working her way through Sarti, Coda and Movida Next Door – enjoying 3 gorgeous canapés at each, and a matched beverage.  Declaring it an excellent showcase event that captures the essence of the MFWF, she thought it was great value at $50.  Read about it here.

So, there you have it – lots to review and lots to tuck away in your memory banks for next year!  I’m planning my adventures already…

Now… what to do in the meantime…