Bellarine Peninsula Adventure Part 3: Elk Horn Road House – Wallington

Elk Horn Road House
420a Wallington Road
Wallington  VIC  3221
03 5250 6056
Open: Daily 8am – 5pm

On the second morning of our brilliant Bellarine stay, Bubblezz wanted us to try the Elk Horn Road House in Wallington.  So, all four of us popped into the car and drove the short distance down to this, what can only be called, fairly non-descript shed in a horse paddock.  However, what it lacks on the outside, it more than makes up for on the inside – revealing a charming space that is very quaint.  It actually reminded me a lot of some of the General Stores we visited in the Napa Valley on our cycling trip!

The Elk Horn Road House apparently won the 2011 Cheap Eats Country Café of the year – so it’s clearly doing something right. They pride themselves on using only quality goods, local where possible and proudly producing their own jams and relishes.  Upon closer inspection, it’s one of those places that has an amazing array of goods on offer – a bit of a hybrid between a great little café and a provedore!

Provisions and Ambience!

Ahh… coffee…

Mmmm…. nothing better than a coffee to get you going on a Sunday morning… so naturally we partook of some gorgeous organic fairtrade coffee supreme coffee while perusing the menu.

Sautéed Mushrooms and Drysdale Goat’s Cheese

For my breakfast, I chose the sautéed mushrooms – these were generously heaped on thick slice of Zeally Bay Sourdough toast, and scattered with chunks of goat’s cheese and crisp sage leaves.  I also added a side of smoked salmon for good measure – but the dish didn’t really need it.  The mushrooms were beautiful, and the toast was chewy with that great sour tang!

Elk Horn Half and Half

I love the concept of this dish – it’s all ying and yang!!   On the left is  a half serve of Elk Horn granola, local honey, Drysdale goat’s yoghurt& poached fruit.  While on the right is the slightly more indulgent poached free range egg and Istra pork sausage on a slice of organic Zeally Bay sourdough toast! Just for those moments you want to be a little bit naughty!! Very like Bubblezz to have this one!

Poached Eggs and Istra Bacon

Now, of course Andrew had to continue his search for the perfect poached eggs. These were pretty good – although the eggs were a little overcooked. The bacon was good quality, and the sourdough toast was lovely.  Interestingly, Bubblezz said her poached egg was perfect – so perhaps just a few inconsistencies there…

Egg and Bacon Sandwich

The adventurous P went for the egg and bacon sandwich – a description which tends to undersell it a little bit.  Free range fried egg, served with Istra bacon and house made tomato chutney. It’s was also served with some fresh greens and tomato – and I see he ordered a side of smoked salmon as well!  Popular stuff.  The adventurous P said it was almost as good as the bacon and egg sarnie he cooked up for some of his mates last weekend!! High praise!!

If breakfast didn’t satisfy you, then there’s a wonderful array of fresh cakes (and alcohol) to fill the void!!  It’s almost a shame that I’m so satisfied!!

There’s also a great outdoor area with a playground especially for the little ones.  So, there’s something for everyone here.  The Elk Horn Road House is a great find – I’m sure the locals get mighty sick of tourist traffic that swamp the place during high season!  If I was a local, I’d be guarding it pretty jealously too!  Good news is that you can book tables if you want to make sure you get a seat – so plan ahead and you should be right.

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