Bellarine Peninsula Adventure Part 2: Oakdene Revisited…

Oakdene Restaurant
255 Grubb Road
Wallington  VIC  3221
03 5255 1255
Open: Lunch Wed – Sun from 12noon; Dinner Wed – Sat from 6:30pm

An exciting weekend away with our good friends Bubblezz and Adventurous P, who had invited us down to their home in the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, provided us with another exciting opportunity to visit Oakdene Restaurant.  I had previously enjoyed the degustation for lunch here a little while back with Bubblezz (see review here) – so we were looking forward to trying the à la carte menu with our boys in tow.

Arriving in the early evening of a glorious sunny summer’s day – we were able to enjoy some of the quirky sculptures in the back garden before heading into the restaurant.

A watermelon tree?

At my previous visit – these bikes were actually hanging in the main dining room all intertwined together.  It looks like they’ve found a new home. I like it!!

We wandered inside and sat down.  The menu is fixed price with $58 for 2 courses, and $69 for three, with a $20 supplement for anything chosen from the grill menu.  After a little perusing – we were able to order.  Although the waitress was a little inflexible, when my friend wanted to order 2 entrees instead of an entree and a main – the waitress told her it wasn’t allowed.  This seems a little incongruous given it’s probably a cheaper option for the restaurant – and we weren’t trying to pay less.  Anyway… we sorted it out and settled down to wait for our meals.

Bread and condiments

We enjoyed some gorgeous warm bread with a variety of condiments – whipped creme fraiche with chives and white bean puree (Hello!!!), estate olive oil, and some gorgeous olives with garlic.  The serve was generous with one dish per couple.

14hr Kurobuta Sticky Pork Belly, Roasted Sea Scallop,
Shredded Raw Potato & Garlic Slaw, Crispy Pigs Ear

If there was one thing I was going to have again from the menu, it was this 14 hour Kurobuta Pork Belly.  Absolutely unctuous and sticky – it was probably the dish of the day when we had it for lunch.  I must have been convincing in my review – because three of us ordered it.  The dish is just so well composed – great sticky meat, a beautifully seared scallop, crunchy shredded pig’s ears and a gorgeous slaw with just a hint of chilli.  Again – it was amazing.

Diamantina Wagyu Eye Fillet Carpaccio, Crispy Potato,
Truffle Pecorino, Soft Egg Gribiche, Watercress Salad, Horseradish Snow

The adventurous P went down a different track and ordered the carpaccio – which was a work of art! There is certainly plenty going on on the plate.  Adventurous P ate it all up and appeared to thoroughly enjoy it.

Venison special

For our mains, Bubblezz and I had the venison special which was delicious. The venison was beautifully and gently cooked to a medium rare so that it was not tough at all. It was served with whole baby beetroot, spinach and a gorgeous beetroot tortellini.  As an accompaniment, there was also some smoked goat’s curd which provided a creamy tang to the dish.  Really lovely.

Confit Kurobuta Pork Belly, Boudin Blanc, Du Puy Lentils,
Caramelised Witlof, Otway Shiitake

For his main, the Adventurous P decided to have the pork belly – which was prepared in an entirely different manner to the entrée.  The grilled witlof looks beautiful, as does that meltingly tender pork belly. A delicious looking dish.

Diamantina Wagyu Steer 400 Day Grain Fed Eye Fillet
(6+ Marble Score 250g)

For Andrew’s main, there was never any other choice than the eye fillet.  The beef is poached sous vide before being chargrilled – which gives it a meltingly tender consistency.  Andrew went on to declare this steak the best he’s ever eaten – and we know this is high praise given how many steaks he eats!  Certainly worth the trip then.

Smoked Duchess Potato

We were able to order a side of the beautiful smoked duchess potato – again – another good reason to drive down to the peninsula. This potato is amazing – creamy and buttery, but with a subtle smoky flavour which enriches it even further.  Mind blowingly good!

Banana, Toffee & Espresso Cream Pie, Salted Caramel Ice-Cream

From the amazing dessert platter we enjoyed at our last visit – I seemed to remember enjoying the espresso cream pie the most.  So I decided to order it for my dessert – it was lovely.  A gorgeous light espresso mousse, topped with biscuit crumbs and almonds, gorgeously complemented by the salted caramel ice-cream (again… hello!!), and bruléed banana.  What’s not to like?

Lemon Meringue & Strawberry Gateaux, Crème Fraiche Sherbet

The forgetful Bubblezz asked me what she enjoyed the most last time – so I told her it was the lemon meringue.  One look at her face when the dish was delivered and I knew I had advised her correctly.  Her declaration that she wouldn’t share any of it was further confirmation.  I have to admit – I had a bit of plate envy – as my memory serves me… it was a delicious dish. The meringue is not like the normal topping you get – but is almost like a sherbet mousse that has been toasted on the outside.  Definitely the dessert I would recommend if you’re visiting!

Textures of Chocolate, Honeycomb Ice-Cream

Andrew is a real sucker for honeycomb ice-cream – so put together with promises of chocolate and he knew what he was going to order.  There was an oreo style mousse, a chocolate fudgy mouse with chocolate crisps, and chocolate dirt, amongst other delights.  Andrew was pretty happy…

All in all, we had a lovely dinner at Oakdene.  The dishes are thoughtfully composed and beautifully executed.  On the night, our waitress was a little inflexible – which seemed out of step with the restaurant – but this was the only slight critique of our evening. We definitely look forward to returning and trying more dishes… I may even have to try the best Melbourne steak… just to double check.  You understand….

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