Dimitri’s Feast with Coquettish K

Dimitri’s Feast
141 Swan Street
Richmond  VIC  3121
03 9428 8659
Open: Tue – Sat  7:30 – 5pm; Sun 8am – 5pm

This is just a quick Dimitri’s Feast update – the Coquettish Dr K, Rambunctuous R and I (Heavenly Helen) were having a well overdue girly catch up.  Mesmerised by my stories of the semolina pancakes – Dr K was insistent on heading to Dimitri’s Feast.  So it was, on a sweltering Saturday morning that we convened.

Semolina Pancakes

Here they are in all their wondrous goodness – still the best pancakes in Melbourne IMHO!  It was enough for Dr K to stop and look at me and say: Oh my goodness.  They are divine!  Gorgeously moist, with an aerated texture, scattered with pistachios and rose petals, topped with yoghurt and complemented by the orange blossom syrup – I can’t find any better.

Zucchini Fritters

I do love zucchini fritters – so I was pleased when rambunctuous R ordered them – as I knew I would be able to wangle a taste.  And they were beautiful,  gorgeous shreds of grated zucchini in a moist friter, pan fried to a bronzed finish and beautifully complemented by roasted truss tomatoes and a poached egg.  Lovely!

Dimitri’s Feast never fails to impress – and I think the Coquettish Dr K understands what all the raving was about now.  All good!!

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