Twenty & Six Espresso

Twenty & Six Espresso
594 Queensbury Street
North Melbourne  VIC  3051
03 9329 0298
Open: 8am – 4pm daily (except Wednesday)

Always on the hunt for a gorgeous new brunch place, most excellent friend R and I decided that it was time to check out this latest addition to the cornucopia of cafés that have sprung up in North Melbourne.  Since it has opened, it has enjoyed a flurry of excellent reviews, so it was time for Dining Nirvana to see what all the fuss was about.

Proud Mary Coffee

One of the things that Twenty & Six has going for it is the quality suppliers it uses – Proud Mary for coffee, Brasserie Bread for sourdough, and Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs.  With this level of discernment going into the raw materials, it’s no wonder that the finished products are pretty good.  The coffee was rich and smooth – gorgeous enough for us both to indulge in two each over the course of our breakfast.

The Hulk

There’s few things better in life than avocado on toast (well… apart from pancakes, but they weren’t on the menu here).  So this particular dish appealed to me for all its luscious goodness.  Actually, it appealed to us both – so we both ended up ordering it.  The lovely Ms R having the optional poached egg on the side.

The Hulk (aptly named after the very green, very large, very angry super hero) is quite simply smashed avocado, with lemon, chilli, mint, Meredith goat’s fetta, house cured salmon gravlax (hello!!!), and salsa verde on sourdough toast. It was absolutely beautiful.  The creamy chunks of avocado played beautifully against the goat’s fetta, and the lemon, chilli and mint gave it an aromatic and fragrant lift.  Absolutely gorgeous.

The service we experienced was fantastic – always attentive, but never intrusive.  The ambience was sublime – sitting out in the back courtyard, we were able to enjoy the warm fresh air, and the shade of  the pergola. It was the perfect setting for a gorgeous Melbourne summer Sunday – genuinely relaxing and laid back.  The inside could probably tend to be a bit noisier, but only because Twenty & Six atrracts young families as well.  However, that’s just a sign that they’re appealing to a broad demographic – and pleasing them all by having two very diverse options for dining.

If I was a North Melbourne local – I would be very pleased with this new offering in the neighbourhood. This is simple food, done extremely well, using the highest quality ingredients with great service.  There’s not much more you can ask for!

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