Aix Cafe Creperie Salon

Aix Café Créperie Salon
24 Centre Place
Melbourne  VIC 3000
03 9662 2667
Open: Mon – Fri  6am – 5pm;  Sat 8am – 5pm
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I recently started working on a contract where I have to be at the office at 8am. How uncivilised – it’s putting a serious dent in my café hopping for breakfast!!  Not to be thwarted – I have decided to hunt out some cafés that open early enough for a breakfast catch up with friends, and enable me to still get into the office early!

This is where Aix Café Créperie Salon comes into action – one of the many cubby hole cafés that line the very Melbourne laneway – Centre Place, it opens at 6am!!  So, it was with bleary eyes, significant disbelief and some sleep deprivation that gorgeous friend K and I meet early one morning to indulge in some overdue gossip and some lovely crépes!

Mushroom, taleggio and spinach

The crepes are so good, and so reasonably priced, it didn’t take us long to determine that we would have two crepes each.  I decided to go for one savoury, and one sweet crepe.  So, ordered the mushroom one to start. Alas – the photos don’t really do the crepes justice – as you can’t see the delicious fillngs – but I can tell you from experience, this is a beautiful crepe.  The mushrooms are sliced field mushrooms, packed with that gorgeous earthy, funghi flavour and the taleggio adds just the right amount of cheesy goodness. And spinach makes it healthy for you… right… ?

 Lemon and Sugar

The gorgeous Ms K dived straight into the sweet crepes – and ordered the classic lemon and sugar. This one comes with a lovely tartness, and isn’t piled with sugar – so isn’t too sweet.  That’ll wake your tastebuds up in the morning!

Daily special: Roasted peach, ricotta, biscotti and peach juice 

For my second crepe, I asked for the blood orange and burnt sugar – but, given that we were in the middle of summer, and blood oranges aren’t in season – it wasn’t available.  So, they recommended I try the daily special – which was lovely.  The roasted peaches were delicious, and the juices made everything melt in the mouth.  The biscotti was lovely and mushy – adding some sweetness to the freshness of the fruit, and the creaminess of the ricotta.  Just lovely.

Raspberry, white chocolate and coconut

I have to say though – gorgeous Ms K’s second pancake was the bomb – that classic combination of raspberry and white chocolate, enhanced with fresh flakes of coconut – meltingly creamy, with just the right level of sweetness, and perfectly foiled by the zing of raspberry which brought the whole dish to life.  Very good…

Overall – this was a very satisfying way to commence the day!  All of the fillings were well flavoured and balanced, and were in the right ratio to the crepe.  It’s important to note that these are not crepes in the traditional style – they are a bit thicker.  They are still incredibly tender, perhaps just not as delicate as the ones you might find in a more traditional creperie, but they’re very good.

Service was friendly and cheerful – even though it was so early in the morning!  The coffee was good, and the ambience is cosy.  Cosy being the operative word – as the tables are really small – and the seats are shared.  Nonetheless, this is a place to definitely keep on your radar – if you’re ever looking for an early morning spot to meet someone for a bite to eat – Aix should be a definite contender.

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