Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly Street

Brunswick  VIC  3056
03 9387 6079
Open: Mon – Sat  7:30am – 5pm;  Sun  8am – 5pm

Sometimes you want something really simple – you know, easy and clean and light.  For me, this is where Wide Open Road comes into its own.  Just a little way off the Capital City Trail – it’s a great place to stop, grab your breath, grab some coffee and grab a bite.

Barkly Street is off Sydney Road, not far from Royal Park (and where the Capital City Trail is).  It’s an incredibly featureless street, and the café itself is a pretty non-descript building – but you can’t miss the punters sitting outside enjoying the sunshine…

Of course, I choose to sit outside – so I can keep an eye on the bike!!  I order my coffee, and peruse the menu.

Apparently Wide Open Road roast and blend their own beans – so their quality control is top notch.  Their Bathysphere blend contains Kenyan, Brazilian, Costa Rican and Ethiopian beans – and can be ordered either espresso or pour over.  I order my usual 3/4 flat white… and it’s good – especially after a few kilometres of riding. I feel it’s very well deserved.

The only downside to Wide Open Road is the seemingly interminable wait for service.  It’s the only bad thing I can say about this café – otherwise it’s hard to fault.

Spiced avocado with fresh coriander, lime on toast

Mmmm…. however, when the food finally arrives  – it’s pretty good.  The avocado is fresh and creamy, and given an aromatic lift with some lime and coriander, and a little bit of chilli to give it a bit of spice!  It works very well – and it’s just the right thing for those days you want to keep it light…

On a previous visit – I tried the smashed peas topped with pecorino on toast – and it was amazing!  Definitely worth trying if you like peas – it sounds weird, I know… but it just works!

Overall, it’s a very satisfying meal although my experience was lessened due to the wait for coffee and food.  If you’ve got some time, and enjoy a lull between service – then you’ll be fine.  If you don’t have time, or tend to be a little impatient (Type A personalities – I’m talking to you), you may find yourself getting a little frustrated – which is a pity – because there’s so much to like about this place.

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